Man caught for playing Pokemon GO while driving in Vaughan

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which use VR technology. The game blurs the boundaries between the virtual space and real space. You can catch virtual creatures which is called Pokemon with your phones. More and more people are addicted in it. Since its launch, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile apps, reportedly having been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. The game encourage people go oustside and chasing after Pokemon, you can see more people in the street and staring at their phone screen for looking for Pokemon.

When you encounteer a Pokemon, you should throw your Poke ball to catch it and incense is used to allure Pokemon. You can get items and Poke balls in Pokestops and gyms are used to train Pokemon. Pokémon Go Pokestops and gyms are set in public area, such as libraries and parks. But some are set in personal are, many residents complain it. The Pokemon Go app superimposes a virtual world that can only be seen on one’s phone over city maps, meaning that players have to move about in the real world in order to discover all the creatures and virtual locations in the game.

There is no telling where the creatures might appear and that has led to a number of bizarre incidents worldwide where players have gone in search of virtual creatures, sometimes in places that are dangerous or inappropriate. What’s more, the game is too popular that some people pay less attention to their personal security and do not obey the social rules. A Vaughan man who was trying to “catch them all” was caught himself when a police helicopter noticed his vehicle driving around Vaughan in an erratic pattern in the middle of the night. Cheap Pokemon Go Account York Regional Police said their Air2 chopper spotted a Mercedes sedan driving suspiciously in the area of Keele Street and Teston Road on Aug. 8 at around 3:20 a.m.

The helicopter followed the car and tracked its movements as it drove in a strange fashion before stopping at a parking lot and a local park. Police on the ground eventually stopped the vehicle near Saint Joan of Arc Avenue and Drummond Drive and discovered that the man had been tracking virtual creatures on the Pokemon Go app. The man was let off with a stern warning about distracted driving, police said. “York Regional Police would like to remind members of the public and players that any distraction while driving or walking on or near roadways can be hazardous,” police said.

“Citizens are urged to be aware of their surroundings and that large groups of people gathering in areas across our region could be Pokemon GO players.” While a number of social media users voiced outrage that the driver didn’t face charges, police said it would have been up to the officer on the scene to make the call and that he would not have seen the chopper video when he stopped the driver. Police also told CP24 that an admission would not have been sufficient to lay a charge and that police would have had to see the man holding the phone in order to lay a distracted driving charge.