FIFA 16: We are in the game

FIFA 16 will see those interception improvements come to midfield as well, and it will affect both attack and defence. You will be able to fine tune your team’s interception mentality (i.e. how aggressive it is) in Player Instructions. And why do goalkeepers spend their first few years growing in physical stats but not GK stats? Are they spending too much time in the gym and not enough on the training ground or playing youth matches? I’m no coder, but to my simple brain I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to fix this. Do you really want fast players? OK, scout wingers and pray for a full back with massive potential. Scout any other cheap fifa 16 account position or player type and you’re pretty much screwed. Another problem – you can’t find strikers by searching attackers! You have to search physically strong, which often gets you slow forwards with great tackling, or search technically gifted and get slow forwards with 40 stamina.

Team management menus have been reworked so you can make these kinds of changes more quickly and easily, with big, bold icons being the design order of the day. It’s much easier to assign different instructions to individual players, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to specifying which attacking players you want to drop back, or whether you want your striker to run in behind the defense. The introduction of women’s teams has meant male player models have also improved. Long hair was never previously animated during matches in FIFA account. Now there are more styles in the game, meaning Ibra can finally let his hair down. If it’s in the game, it’s in the game, as EA says. (Apart from spitting, swearing, abusing the ref, and diving.) This year sees the introduction of the referee’s trusty vanishing spray to mark distances for free kicks. You even get a little mini-cutscene of the ref marching the wall back before drawing the line in front of their boots, which we’ll all no doubt watch once, say “ah, that’s cool”, then never watch again. Crossing has been given a massive overhaul so that players can now whip crosses in with curve rather than float aimless deliveries where it’s a 50/50 whether or not your player is strong enough to outmuscle the defence.


Graphically, the iterative improvements are what we’ve come to expect from a franchise that’s released a new edition every single year since 1994. Players look that little bit sharper, react to their environment a little more realistically, and the general animation during matches has once again been improved upon. It doesn’t look much different to that of its predecessor, of course, but it’s still at least a noticeable upgrade in line with what we’ve come to expect. During our time at EA’s bulging E3 exposé we also got to try our hand at the much-touted inclusion of women’s teams into the scheme of things. Our experience with that particular aspect of game – a match between the U.S. and Germany no less – was wholly positive, although it didn’t feel as though it deviated that significantly from the gameplay found in a match involving that of their male counterparts.

For the moment that doesn’t really matter, though, we’re just glad that women’s teams have finally made it into the game. It took long enough. This is bound to be disappointing news for Nintendo, and handheld gaming, fans. Wii U owners may be the ones most hard-hit by the FIFA 16 release schedule, as it looks likely that the console will also miss out on a port of racing simulator Project Cars. So far, EA Sports has yet to comment on why buy  FIFA 16 coins online has not been developed for Nintendo consoles or the PS Vita, but the issue may come down to a lack of room for commercial success on the machines. Hopefully, PS Vita and Nintendo fans will have some clarification soon.

The FIFA group itself certainly needs some positive news at the moment, as the world soccer organization is in the middle of a huge scandal that has seen several high-profile members arrested for conspiracy and corruption. Indeed, there have even been calls for the much-maligned FIFA President Sepp Blatter to stand down, amid accusations of misconduct in the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Perhaps EA Sports’ addition of women’s soccer to the roster will be the breath of fresh air that the organization – and the FIFA game series – needs.

FIFA 15 is not without imperfections

Why are there so many experienced players are still buying packs? Why ? First because our brain is always trying to find the path of least resistance and finding ways to give as less effort as possible. Then, because the need of being better, more popular and integrated in a group. This may seems a weird answer but the specialist Gonalo Cunha explains this very well in this fantastic article. While it’s still very much a simulation game at its core, we found a few instances where the gameplay began to drift into hyperbole. Perhaps it’s an issue of an inappropriate difficulty setting, cheap fifa 16 account for sale online but we played a number of games that ended with a total of 10 goals scored. 2014 World Cup aside, that’s not something you see too often.

The ratings as a whole seem pretty accurate. The best footballers at the moment in the game, by rating are: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manuel Neuer, and Arjen Robben with Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez not far behind. It’s really pretty difficult to argue with that. Where it gets more iffy is when you travel further down the ladder. Since there are several modes to choose from, you’ll find something that fits what you like. I mainly play Kick-off, Online Seasons, and FIFA Ultimate Team. I haven’t even touched career mode yet, and I’m probably not going to. This, of course, is the problem. Where are the third-party negotiations or agent fees? Where’s Harry Redknapp signing and selling the same players multiple times to pocket additional fees for his services? Where are the players moving clubs under the threat of reduced playing time? Where are the players forced to move clubs because their parents sold their ownership rights a decade ago to a sleazy businessman who offered fast cash? Why do youth players seem to have common sense when signing contracts? How can it be that young players reject moves to big clubs to instead continue their development? In short, where is Jorge Mendes?


No game is perfect though and FIFA 15 is not without imperfections. My biggest issue with FIFA is the cutaways feel excruciatingly long in game time. When I score yes I want my players to celebrate, but it feels like an eternity mid game! In reality its probably only 15-20 seconds, but it feels so much longer. EA really took some time to focus on players themselves. Players breathe visibly, they become frustrated and you can see it. They buy cheap FIFA 16 points account hold their hands over their heads, they pound their fists into the pitch when a strike is deflected and the spectacle is much more true to real life, which is fantastic presentation wise, but is a bit to intrusive to who ever is holding the controller.

Goalkeepers aren’t the only guilty party. Referees are making terrible, terrible offside decisions. They aren’t your typical questionable decisions that you would see during a normal football match. These are decisions that would get them sacked from their respective FA! For some strange reason, replays of offside decisions now no longer have the lines to show us how offside the player actually was, if at all! It is such a blatant miss that I am convinced that it was left out on purpose, and if so, why?!

EA’s bestselling FIFA series is back again. With a reputation for solid gameplay, reliable mechanics and cutting-edge graphics, the FIFA franchise has solidified its position as market leader over the past few years. Having developed a formula that straddles the line perfectly between simulated reality and fast-paced gaming, FIFA  account fans have long known that each new iteration of the game will present only incremental changes, and that’s just the way they like it! After much frustration and swearing about the incompetence of it, I rectified the issue by going into my homehub’s admin and changing the settings. Suddenly the game worked, which was great, but of course I shouldn’t have had to do that.

Whatever the trouble is and whoever’s fault it is out of EA or Sony, someone dropped a clanger on the high-profile release of one of the year’s biggest games. It’s absurd customers should be disappointed in this way after spending £50-60 on a product and should have to fiddle around with their internet settings to make it work. You have the usual Kick-off or quick match, Career mode and Ultimate Team. In Career mode, you can choose to play a manager or start out as a rookie player before becoming a superstar.

FIFA 15 has tweaked goal-keeper animations


FIFA 15 could have got a straight red card in the first minute for the video game equivalent of a professional foul – or professional foul-up at least. EA Sports’ latest release in its long-running football sim series came close to being dismissal just after kick-off for failing to work properly. Due to slow-moving menus and terrible lag during matches, it was unplayable on my PS4. Many other PlayStation gamers have had the same problem going by the anger vented on Twitter. EA’s bestselling FIFA series is back again. With a reputation for solid gameplay, reliable mechanics and cutting-edge graphics, the FIFA 15 account franchise has solidified its position as market leader over the past few years.

While the fans in the stands looked jagged in earlier versions, the fans now look as good as the players, wearing the right jerseys as they wave and gesture. The look of the players’ jerseys is very realistic. If it is raining, the wet jerseys cling to the players’ body. If a defender is tugging at an attacking player’s jersey to hold him back, you can see that clearly. For English Premier League fans, all 20 stadia are authentically replicated. So when your team visits Burnley, you no longer play in some random stadium, but in its home stadium, Turf Moor. Having developed a formula that straddles the line perfectly between simulated reality and fast-paced gaming, FIFA fans have long known that each new iteration of the game will present only incremental changes, and that’s just the way they like it!

Despite it’s near-perfect game-play, buy FIFA 16 coins online has tweaked goal-keeper animations, making goal-scoring tougher, with players having to be very deliberate about the angles they take on goal. Close ball-control is also tougher, punctuated when a top-tier club takes on a smaller club- the ‘touch’ and passing has been more reliably calibrated. Also, strategy is tied closer to formations. Much of FIFA 15 aims to recreate the real-life football experience, but Match Day Live brings players closer to real-world football than any other game mode. This hub keeps gamers up to date with news, rumors, and headlines ripped from Players can simulate the latest games on the schedule, and watch the storylines play out. A friendly interface makes Match Day Live easier to follow, and the new presentation style brings headlines to life. Super Sunday football game time should blare across the screen as the players are led out onto the glistening pitch. As always with EA Sports, the production levels are impeccable; the surprisingly accurate official stadia gleam in the sunshine as the match is played. Top players are not as dead-eyed as they once were, though no amount of pixels can accurately convey the ugliness of Wayne Rooney. No amount of words, either, can sum up the horror of some of the stock character builds for players who do not play on the world stage; at least, no amount of words from Alan Smith and Martin Tyler, who have once again reduced the English language to vague clichés and painful ‘spontaneous’ discussions about the teams. Change it to French instead; you’ll still have no idea what they’re talking about, but it’ll sound sexier.

Sadly, FIFA 15 is a poor football game. Although there are some minor positives throughout the game, they are weighed down heavily with all of its problems. From the arcadey, over-paced gameplay, to the stale graphics, new strange glitches, league omissions and lack of new game modes, FIFA 15 is simply not worth its price tag. The only saving grace for the games value is the nature of the title. Sporting titles tend to be easy to pick up and play and can have really good replay value. What we have been offered in FIFA 15 does not constitute spending another £60. Enter cheap FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins, FIFA’s most popular game mode, and its most challenging to comprehend. Ultimate Team is a game mode in which players build teams with professionals that take the shape of trading cards. In an attempt to build the strongest chemistry in a squad, players attempt to match nationalities, leagues, and teams. This in turn makes for a stronger bond between teammates and a stronger team overall. Its a tad bit overwhelming at first, but once you understand the core mechanics and grab a few decent players of the live transfer market it might be the most fulfilling and exciting game mode FIFA 15 has to offer.