A variety of methods to help you find potential players

What kind of football will you practice during the season? A pressing game or counter-attack? Zonal defence or the offside trap? Look at the quality of your squad, compare it to the league you play in, consider this and take to the tactics and formations menu to define what your main formation will be for the season ahead. Technically, FIFA 16 does offer you the option to just straight up pay money to buy what are known as FIFA Points in the game, fifa 16 coins which can also be exchanged for card packs and the ability to play FUT Draft. However, who wants to have to pay extra money in the game, so instead we are looking at ways to earn coins in-game only.

Predictably, Ultimate Team took the prime slot, but it was genuinely refreshing to see career mode getting some decent air time. It seems that this year EA have based a lot of their career mode changes on community feedback, and a lot of the new features are ones that have been requested for years. However, it wasn’t all perfect and there were some worrying omissions from EA’s show. So let’s have a look at what they revealed, what they didn’t, and what it might mean for career mode in FIFA 16. At the start of FIFA Ultimate Team, you will have only 500 coins at your disposal and some free packs available to open to get your started.

After building the best roster you can at this point, feel free to sell off some of extra player cards, though that won’t get you too much. Instead, there are some other ways that can also help. It is another way to find potential, although a slower process by setting a specific network to find young players. Contrary to what happens with the market and regular scouts, these players are all very young (14-17 years) and are randomly generated by the game. Here it is worth betting on at least one good scout, who quickly determines the value of youngsters.


If you plan to play for several seasons, you should start to consider the future of your club as soon as possible. FIFA 16 has two options to find promising players. The first comes down to the normal scouting system that allows you to search specifically for young prospects, but that doesn’t mean that all the solutions are of the required quality. Each player has a note indicated by the scout, either in relation to their status at the club or their contract duration, for example.

New to scouting in FIFA games and wondering what it’s all about? Or maybe you’re a seasoned scout and want to know what’s changed in FIFA 16? Whatever your situation, my guides will help you become a pro at scouting the next generation of superstars. The most promising, however, are often marked with two notes, “high potential” or “exciting promise.” The first means that at this point in his career, he is a reasonable player with the potential to become a great player, with training and regular playing time.

The exciting promise is guaranteed value, and can be a valid alternative straight away and has the potential to be one of the world’s top players. With FIFA 16’s release just a few weeks away, fifa 16 points EA have sought to detail some of the changes coming to this year’s career mode. Pre-season has been improved, with manager’s now given the power to schedule pre-season tournaments — win these tournaments, and the prize money will go straight into your transfer budget.

Here we will introduce you the new game Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a martial arts MMO which draws on the Chinese cinematic world of wuxia, most famously exported in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You might also have recognized the genre’s signature high-wire antics in Kill Bill – or be familiar with its tradition of the young male protagonist who suffers a personal tragedy and studies combat technique under a wise master (hello, Luke Skywalker). Thankfully the game has an expansive character creation tool, so you needn’t play as that young male. But the rest of the outline holds true: in the very tutorial a clandestine group of baddies kills your master (sage, diminutive, blade & soul gold softly-spoken – you know the type), takes his sword and, in the words of NCSOFT West community director Omeed Dariani, “fucks off”.

The entire game is spent working out why this sort of thing is happening – and adjusting to the twists and turns lobbed at you along the way. Looks like Blade & Soul is getting a steady flow of updates next as NCsoft announced the 2nd content update called Unchained will go live on March 2nd, less than a month after the 1st Rising Water patch. The biggest highlight of the Unchained update will be the new Warlock class undoubtedly, which is exclusive to the Jin and Lyn. Besides, the final floor (Floor 8) of the first section of Mushin’s Tower will open and the Naryu Labyrinth will also be unlocked. Using mid-range abilities, the Warlock snares their enemies, executes fast and furious combos, and can then summon a massive, demonic Thrall to finish them off.

The mixture of dark shadowy magic and explosively vibrant techniques, the Warlock has substance, in addition to being able to dish out serious damage.” The Force Master class uses their inner Chi to deliver a variety of devastating blows to their enemies. Using the Ki-Gong-Pe, a Chi bracelet they wear around their wrist, they can shoot off many different forms of abilites, ranging from fire explosions to chi leeching techniques that deliver unavoidable attacks and grabs.

Force Masters are the masters of control, they can apply movement impairing effects to multiple enemies, allowing them to take on more than one foe at a time. Force Masters are closest to the wizards and magi of traditional RPGs. They can utilize powerful fire and ice elemental attacks from a distance, but have low HP. Elsewhere, NCSOFT will charge for convenience and quality of life items – XP potions, extra character slots, bigger inventories and the like. They’re keen not to gate progress by charging for dungeons or expansions: “We want everyone playing together.”

A paid-for premium membership offers to bundle those benefits together. NCSOFT will work out the details of that after a closed beta in the autumn, but know the deal will include priority login, wind-walking particle effects, plus XP and gold boosts for “people who don’t have tons and tons of time”. Force Masters play quite differently from the other classes in Blade & Soul. Force Masters’ systematic combos don’t chain very high like the other classes in Blade & Soul. Their patterns of utilizing skills are fairly simple compared to the other classes, this places them in the “easy to control” group of classes.

However, keep in mind that their lack of defense and low health make up for their ease of control. Force Masters have to be aware at all times or they will find themselves dead within a matter of seconds. Blade and Soul is finally coming to North America! The western version of the game is currently in Alpha testing with the Beta scheduled for October 2015 and launch in early 2016. Founder Packs are available now! Blade and Soul is published by NCSoft and is currently popular in Korea. blade and soul gold This wikia is a collaborative resource for the game, supported and updated by the community and fans.

Something you need to understand in Blade & Soul

The questing is pretty linear (go to town A, complete all the quests, move to town B, repeat) but the storyline was interesting enough to propel me along. The free-to-play aspects of the game were a bit obnoxious but nothing I couldn’t ignore. Crafting looked complicated, but I used my top secret method to overcome that (not crafting at all). Plus I loved the movement system. So what changed between now and then? Here’s a quick rundown of points I touch on in the video log. buy blade and soul gold Grouping with other people for dungeons becomes much more common when you start reaching higher levels (currently at 35), and it all feels so pointless.

No one talks. There are no traditional roles (healer, tank, damage) so it’s all just a free-for-all. Were I playing with friends I might dig that. Instead I’m even more annoyed with other people than I already was. Other people suck in Blade & Soul. There are some nice folks wandering about, but mostly I’ve run into kill-stealing assholes. It’s escalated since the last log, to the point were instead of just taking whatever target you’re obviously running towards they’ll tag that one, then keep running and tag any others in the immediate vicinity. I’m really getting sick of them.

Besonders getroffen haben die Fans massive Abwandlungen an der Story. Schon während der Beta zeichnete sich ab, dass man die vielschichtigen und komplexen Charaktere von Blade & Soul ein wenig beschneiden würde. Zwar hieß es damals von NCsoft noch, dass man „keine Änderungen an der Story vornehmen würde“, jedoch musste diese Aussage bald durch vollendete. Den meisten Spielern werden diese Umschreibungen gar nicht auffallen. Wer jedoch beide Versionen kennt, also das Original und unsere westliche, der wird bemerkt haben, dass Charaktere bei uns deutlich „platter“ und klischeehafter sind, als im Original.

Die Spieler, als Helden der Geschichte, verkörpern das „Gute“, wohingegen Jinsoyun, die sexy Gegenspielerin mit einer starken Persönlichkeit (die sogar ein eigenes Musical bekommen hat) zu einem platten Comic-Bösewicht verkommt. The Cross-Server Dungeon feature is speed and efficient. I’ve never waited for more than a few seconds to get a full group for any game dungeon. If only group dynamics were better, this would be wonderful. Player versus player combat is actually a blast.

Putting together combos against weak NPCs is one thing, but figuring out what another live player is doing and trying to counter it is a lot of fun. If I stick around much longer, PVP might be the reason. Those new costumes are also coming to the game as part of the Valentine’s Day festivities in Blade & Soul. Players can complete quests now to collect roses used to transmute a new gem that will recover the players’ health over time after evading. Red roses are earned from daily quests while white roses can be earned through dynamic quests. I still love the game’s early content.

When I’m tired of slogging through quests for small rewards on blade and soul gold my main I hop onto an alt and burn through the starter quests again. Normally I despise that sort of repetition, but the classes here are diverse enough that they provide the variety the game lacks. No Backup Plans has received a nice upgrade for Year Two, but are still a purely personal defense armor piece. The “Force Multiplier” perk is the signature item on the Gauntlets and triggers the Force Barrier with Shotgun kills and the overshield’s duration is increased. This turns Defenders into a more aggressive sub-class in PVP and increases survivability in tight PVE encounters.