TEST Forza Motorsport 7 – The best racing game of the moment?

Forza has been making racing game fans dream for several years. Unmissable for Xbox One players, the license has developed with a different series, Forza Horizon more turned on the arcade. With Forza Motorsport 7, developers are returning to a game that is resolutely turned on simulation for the purists’ pleasure. 

Without mastering the power is nothing
Test Forza Motorsport 7 With this new Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 is once again announcing color. As you say right now, we have a very successful racing game on many points. The title is intended as much for the general public as for the purists of the genre. If you discover the world of simulation, you will have access to a lot of elements to set. Welcome items that will allow you to learn to master your vehicles little by little. Over time, you will disable some help to taste the pleasure of driving. Otherwise, if the license has no secret for you, you can directly opt for more serious driving with or without assistance. You are free to choose your approach.

A porch pipe
Besides the AI, the content of this Forza 7 is quite dantesque. Count more than 700 cars in Porsche in more than 18 circuits that have many variants. It is important to underline the appearance of the mark since it was present only in DLC in the preceding opus. You will find a wide choice of available vehicles. You will have access to modern cars, old cars and even trucks! Having a lot of vehicles does not serve just to make pretty. Indeed, the more you will have, the more your level of vehicles will increase and will give you access to other machines. Of course, you can imagine, but the higher your level, the more powerful cars are.

In addition to the level of vehicles, there is also the level of the player who goes up over the races. You will earn credits, experience in every race, but that’s not all. There are also mods that you can unlock and use. This little subtlety will allow you to earn more money or XP. To put it simply, when you activate a mod, you will have a task to accomplish. Make 2 perfect turns during the race, finish with several meters in advance and so on. If you can accomplish the mission, then you will have your reward. However, mods have a specific number of uses, so you will not keep them permanently. 

World champion
Regarding the championship present within the different sections, there is a classic system. Each championship is divided into several races and in the end the one with the most points wins. Said like that, it sounds innocuous, but it was not always like that in Forza. Unfortunately, whatever happens, we can not start from the pole position since there is no qualification. Finally, concerning the multiplayer, it’s pretty poor. Unfortunately, there is not much to do.

The most beautiful racing game? 

Forza Motorsport 7 has the arguments to be the most beautiful racing game. The layout of Dubai is beautiful, but not everything is perfect. It looks like some tracks are much more neat than others. 

What about the perfectly detailed cockpit view, the rain effect that crashes on our windshield. Really, it’s impressive at times. The whole is sublimated by a soundtrack cared as ever. It goes from the sounds of the engine to … that’s all. The rest is sometimes a little rough. Finally, it is worth noting that the game still weighs 63GB even if you have the box version and loading times are a bit long sometimes. 

There is no point in going four ways. You can go crazy with your eyes to offer this new Forza. Hard to say if it’s the best race of the moment, but if you have an Xbox One, the title is a treat. More than 700 cars, beautiful races and quite varied events await you. Too bad, however, that the multiplayer is not richer.

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