Black Desert also contains exciting Tamer class

The Beta test includes several improvements based on community feedback, the exciting Tamer class, the expansive Calpheon region, as well as special in-game events. GMs will be hosting games and challenges in which players can win prizes like dyes, taming equipment, and lanterns to help light the way through the stormy nights to the spots where GMs will ultimately spawn Kzaka, one of the bdo daum cash biggest world bosses that players can fight come launch.

As well as a new Tamer Class being announced for the Beta version of the game, the player will be able to pick from Warrior, Sorceress, Beserker, Ranger, and Wizard classes. Spend a little bit of time with any one tank and you’ll soon find a wide range of shell types at your disposal, each useful in their own right. Having the right shell equipped is key in dominating Ground Forces, from single purpose speciality casings to solid all-round tank destroyers.

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is about to have the Valkyrie class awakened which gives the class an additional weapon option. Daum has released a new tasty looking gameplay trailer of the her in action with the her oversized awakening weapon lance which is different from her usual shield and sword combination. These awakening options are a way for Daum to help balance the classes and address any weaknesses. We’re not sure when this will be rolled out for NA and European players.

Gather your allies and get ready to embark into the Fiery Land; a new region being unlocked with the newest update to Dragon Blaze. The Tamer is the newest class to be added to the game and will include support from Heilang, the divine beast. The Tamer is seen as innocent at heart, but can channel their passion black desert daum cash into a powerful fury when they need to. Pre-order holders can still reserve their names ahead of launch, and anyone can enjoy Black Desert Online’s highly detailed Character Creator, downloadable for free, with the option of importing their creations in both the closed Beta test and the full game when it releases on March 3, 2016.

The Character Creator will be available up until the 22nd of February. This class is not very easy to control; it will take time to master all his abilities, combos and attacks. Fighter has great defense because he wears heavy armor and is equipped with shield. Fighter has a lot of combos. Animation of all combos is great and you will have a lot of fun. The evasion is low. He can’t avoid attacks fast but actually he doesn’t need it. The class is not the best damage dealer in the game. He is mostly for tanking.

Obvious as it may sound, a scout tank like the T-50 won’t be able to trade blows with a heavy tank like the KV-1. If you’re rolling into battle in a light tank, your job should be to capture points and scout out the enemy – AA vehicles and other light tanks are worth picking fights with, while all other combatants should be avoided. Conversely, heavy tanks and some tank destroyers are fierce sniping platforms, making them ideal for holding down any open expanses of land. Medium tanks are more versatile and, depending on the specific vehicle, can be used for anything from long-range duelling to defending a capture point.



More freedom in the Black Desert Online

“Black Desert Online” is host to an intricate farming and trading system, not to mention full of great ways to create your own gear and add to the player economy. While most of the elements are self explanatory, there are some that are easily missed. For example, without taking the time to scan the layout, it would be easy to miss the miniscule gender selector at the bottom of the page. Upon first glance, first time users may mistake Anime Character Maker for a female only design tool.

Aside from the obvious differences, there are two additional categories added when you switch to the male character creator. black desert daum cash The first is the Brows selector which gives you the freedom to choose from 10 variants. Want to play it safe? Go for Thin Brows. Those of you out there who are die-hard fans of Star Wars, be sure to check out > Mega Anime Avatar Creator Star Wars update! < It’s a recently updated version of the creator with added skin tones, Star Wars-themed outfits, gear, blasters and of course lightsabers! Worth a try, if you want to give your anime avatar a bit of a Star Wars twist.

Since the first closed beta test back in December, Daum Games has made a number of changes to Black Desert, including the following that will be experienced in the second closed beta test. In The Pinch Who Stole Christmas, players will have to investigate the disappearance of individuals linked to the wintery festivities, as well as a present-laden iceberg that’s mysteriously appeared off the coast of Daemonheim. Completing each section of the multi-part quest will also unlock further Christmas activities, debuting with The Great Gielinor Bake Off, while cosmetic rewards will also be available to collect.

For the most part, choices for the Ears, Nose and Mouth are the same for both genders. Ear options range from the standard Exposed or Covered looks to anime favorites such as the Webbed, Robot and Highelf variants. In terms of your character’s mouth, there are a few cute choices such as the cheeky Raspberry, Fangs which give you a prominent canine ala Ranma 1/2 ‘s Ryoga Hibiki and the literal “~~~” expression. Aside from the No Nose option remniscent of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Le idee e la trama di “Black Desert Online”, black desert online daum cash MMORPG dello sviluppatore coreano Pearl Abyss in arrivo il 3 marzo in Occidente, mi hanno colpito potentemente e inaspettatamente. Il mondo del gioco è ricco di storia, di personaggi, di eventi e culture passate da scoprire. Mi ritrovo in mezzo a un mai sopito conflitto tra le nazioni del mondo di “Black Desert Online”, tutte troppo interessate alle Black Stone che si trovano nel Black Desert del titolo e ai segreti di un’antica civiltà di cui ancora restano le rovine.

If you like creating anime characters, this dress up and make up game is for you. Drawn by Princeofredroses, Mega Anime Avatar Creator lets you create your own anime avatar. You can pick whether it’s going to be a male or a female character. You can pick the shape of the nose, eyes, eyebrows or lips and there’s heaps of other features that can be adjusted such as hairstyles, clothes, many types of anime accessories or even hand gestures.

EA still need to pay more attention in FIFA price range

EA Sports adds, “It’s all about ensuring a level playing field for all FUT fans, especially during great events like Team of the Season (TOTS), and continuing our work to halt the negative effects of coin farmers and cheaters who hurt your FUT experience. Although we’ve seen significant improvement in limiting fraudulent coin exploits over the past few weeks, our work isn’t done here.” For too long the FUT community has endured poor servers, lag, server crashes, extortionate FIFA point prices and much more, but now the line has been crossed. Removing the minimum range would open Price Ranges to the movement of fraudulent coin selling transfers.

Coin sellers are looking to use certain players with market values much lower than their maximum range in order to transfer set amounts of coins. We understand that the minimum price range has been a frustration for many of you, but it’s a necessary part of eliminating coin selling in FUT. fifa 16 coins We’ll continue to adjust Price Ranges for players in order to find the right balance for the Transfer Market.” What?! Set the Max price lower! I can’t sell any of my players because of this. Your incompetence shouldn’t be passed on to the user! This change was made with no consultation of the consumer: EA did not consult those who play the game as whether or not to implement these restrictions or on any alternative courses of action.

Furthermore as paying customers we deserve a say: Having all paid around £50 for FIFA 15 we deserve a say in how FUT is managed. The delay does not come with an update regarding the new release window for the Team of the Season for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16. The Price Range concept for the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 16 has been live for more than a week now and the development team at EA Sports is announcing that it has changed the core concepts powering it in order to introduce different limits for the various players depending on the platform on which the gamer is experiencing the title.


I love the game Fifa 16 and I play on Fifa Ultimate Team very often. I am a very good trader and I enjoy buying for less and selling for more. Personally, I have never bought Fifa coins off websites but I have absolutely no problem with other people buying them as it makes the market 10 times better. People now are listing players and they don’t even sell and never will because no one is prepared to pay that much money because the price ranges are wrong. No one buys fifa points because they are overpriced and they rip you off. If this doesn’t get changed then AT LEAST half of the fifa gamers will go to PES 15. The FIFA 16 Price Range update introduced by EA has received a lot of backlash over the past couple of weeks. Selling coins directly to fans contradicts the core principles of FIFA Ultimate Team.

The game is designed to reward progress by playing the game the right way through matches, squad building. fifa 16 points Transfer Market trading, and making decisions with pack items. FUT fans understand the enjoyment of making decisions on route to building their Ultimate Team. The franchise holds to the fact that coin sellers had introduced an unfair gaming environment in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The criticism has been ongoing as gamers frustration continue to be heard over social media. The company will compensate the community by introducing a range of new content, which will be focused on the Player of the Year award, clubs that have been promoted, and the coming battle to avoid relegation.

FIFA 16 Price Ranges will start much wider

The new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team season is almost here, and EA Sports has highlighted some of the changes coming to it. When the mobile and web companions open up, players will be able to take advantage of wider price ranges in the Transfer Market. On the official EA website, the publisher explained that it will try to keep the ranges as wide as possible in order to not only make it easier to buy and sell players, but also to ensure that the market stays fair. fifa coins A graph was released showing the differences between FIFA 16 and FIFA 15. We are also curious to see if any Liverpool players will get an upgrade, but given that they didn’t feature in weeks 1-3 – it looks unlikely at this stage.

We need a sense of agency as a player. The biggest talking point for any football fan is where their favourite player is heading next, and which stars are heading to their clubs. Both player and manager careers are uninspiring bores that do nothing to keep players returning to the single-player component of the game. The 2014 World Cup entry introduced some interesting new mechanics, like player training and rivals gunning for your position in the team, which added some desperately-needed innovation to the floundering mode, only for these to be completely ignored in the main entry a few months later.

In what appears to be a way to fix some of last year’s issues, Price Ranges will start much wider. “This will make it easier to buy and sell players on the Transfer Market,” says EA Sports. “Our aim this year is to keep Price Ranges as wide as possible throughout the season to offer a fair environment for trading and to protect the market against coin buying. Price ranges were added to FUT in the middle of the game last year to combat coin selling, they were met with very mixed reviews but EA stuck to their guns and believed that they were the way to make FIFA Ultimate Team fair again. However not to long after introducing the update things started to go wrong.


After bringing players prices down people stopped listing their players so they wouldn’t make a loss on them, this led to multiple big name players becoming extinct meaning not even the legitimate FUT fans could buy the players they wanted to. With literally little under a week to go until FIFA 16 Ultimate Team goes live, EA Sports have released some news on the new price ranges, the web and companion apps and FIFA Points. This is to make the experience of the end-user more safe, secure and fun for all involved. “The less coin farming and buying we see within FUT 16, the wider the Price Ranges will stay.”

EA Sports also says that in order to further combat coin farmers and coin buyers from ballsing up the system, console generations are being separated. You won’t be able to trade between Xbox 360 and Xbox One. When you first sign in, you’ll be asked what your console of choice is. The FUT transfer market will be back on both the companion and web apps starting from September 17th 2015.

All returning and verified gamers will be able to start building their own Ultimate Teams and opening free daily gifts in the form of packs each day and also trading with other users in the auction rooms. You will however have to start your journey on the web app before you can go mobile and use the companion apps. fifa 16 coins Keep your eyes peeled to EA’s Twitter page to see when the new FIFA 16 Winter Upgrades will be out for Friday February 26. We have a feeling it will be close to 6PM UK time for when the players are actually live in packs and on the transfer market with their upgraded stats.

Everyone can improve their football gaming experience

FIFA 16 is quite a different prospect to FIFA 15. fifa coins The addition of new features to career mode, a changed gameplay and a reliance on different stats to make your players effective has put some players off the FIFA franchise and even seen some commit the blasphemy of moving towards PES. The specific concerns parents have about gaming are very similar to the overall issues parents have with regard to technology: time spent, interaction with strangers, and inappropriate content. So what can parents do to address their concerns? Parents can empower themselves to take the lead in online safety instruction. Following are my top 5 tips for parents to get started.

FIFA 16 is here! Football fans can stop moaning about their team’s performance in the actual sport for a few days as they focus on perfecting their skills in EA’s great new game. With improvements made to defending and a shift of focus from pace, it might be tricky to get used to the new way of playing, but we’re here to help. Well, top FIFA pro gamers Spencer ‘Huge Gorilla’ Ealing and Olly Shaw are, and they know a thing or two about FIFA. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Ultimate Team addict or embarking on your FIFA 16 debut.


Don’t wade in like Paul Scholes, kicking indiscriminately. Before you get stuck into FIFA 16’s meatier game modes, you’re going to want to master some of its brand new passing and defending techniques, and the best way to do this is to play a few Friendlies with the new FIFA Trainer feature switched on – think of them as pre-season warm-ups. With FIFA Trainer, button commands and prompts appear above the player you’re controlling, but it’s a bit off-putting, so there’s no point using it in games that actually matter. Your best bet is to click it on and set it to level one for the first half of a Friendly, followed by level two for the second half. Play two more full games and keep cranking up FIFA Trainer half-by-half and by the end you should have seen everything it has to offer.

EA Sports are continually improving their versions of the impressive football simulation and the days of being able to pick up a controller and successfully compete without putting the effort in are coming to an end. The game now requires more concentration, intelligence and an understanding of key features, moves and tactics – even at a basic level. Whether you want to develop your shooting, passing or defending there are some tailor-made tips that can raise your game and improve your FIFA results.

These crafty pointers will help develop all elements of your game from basic shooting to outsmarting opponents with your new-found knowledge of the new no-touch dribbling skill feature. Don’t be judgmental or dismissive about their game playing. Keep an open mind and try to understand the attraction to the games they like to play. I advise parents the most important action they can take is to talk to their kids. Ask them about the games they are playing. Learn what the goals of the game are, how it is played and try to get your child to verbalize the skills needed to succeed.

Video games are an important part of socializing today for kids so part of the draw is the ability to play and discuss strategies with friends. Plus, gaming helps kids to develop digital, fifa 16 coins cooperative and problem solving skills that they will need for future success. There comes a time when sluggishly picking up your controller and prodding the buttons until you manage a 1-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t quite fulfil your gaming needs. You have became complacent and lazily worked out a generic winning formula that grinds out results as you lie horizontal in your pyjama bottoms and yearn for the enthusiasm that once circulated through your veins.