NBA 2K18 for the prediction of the NBA championship

The NBA has started with a spectacular opening night that has left two big games and sad news. In the field of eSports and video games, the king of basketball is NBA 2K18, title that has dared to predict the results of the new season. 

First match and first in the front. The simulation performed by the NBA 2K18 My League mode has not taken into account any serious injuries to the players. The opening match was the one that faced Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers and nobody could predict a misfortune like the one that happened. 

With just a few minutes to start the game, one of Boston’s great signings, Gordon Hayward, literally broke his ankle by falling with all the weight of his body in poor posture. If a miracle does not remedy it, Hayward has said goodbye to the season. The faces of the comrades and rivals revealed it, while the American television tried not to show images of the player injured by its gravity.
While it is true that the Celtics can cover their loss with a new signing, finding a player offering the same guarantees will be complicated. However, NBA 2K18 predictions can still be met. We’ll see if he’s right!

A new season plus the Oklahoma City Thunder will have no luck facing the ring. The Big Three formed by Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George will be a powerful weapon against the rivals, but they will not reach their goal. Although Westbrook will become MVP, his team will be dismantled from the competition in the conference semifinals. 

The final of the NBA West Conference will be played by the Golden State Warriors, one more year, and the Houston Rockets, who thanks to the vision of game Chris Paul will achieve a spectacular balance of 58-24 in the regular league. Ryan Anderson will take the award to the most valued player of the season. However, the Warriors will become the conference winners and will play another year in the NBA Finals.
Against whom? Well according to the simulation created by NBA 2K18 against Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving should be enough to lead the team to the final, since with Hayward’s injury he will have to take the entire responsibility of the former Cavaliers. The Celtics will defeat in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference precisely to the equipment of LeBron James, that this year will not play again the final.

In fact, LeBron, despite getting large numbers, will see how this year Kevin Durant surpasses him as the most valuable player.
As for the Draft lottery, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers will be the teams that get the best positions in the table, followed by Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings. As for the best rookie of the year, Lakers’ Lonzo Ball and Sacramento Kings’ De’Aaron Fox will compete for it, but the victory will be for Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons, who could not play last season .

We will see how many of these predictions are met. At the moment, the bad luck of Boston Celtics may have truncated the magnificent season that presented itself, although the staff continues to have talented players. Warriors part as undisputed favorite, but will there be surprises?

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