Learn how to add official licensed team badges to the game

ES 2016 is a fantastic football game, which I’ve found to be the most enjoyable footy experience this generation. buy fifa points Of course there is always that vocal cry of ‘’yeah, but it doesn’t have all the Premier League team’s kits, badges and that’’ from devout FIFA fans, and while there is an edit mode that can help to rectify some of that it takes far too long for many players and is nowhere near as detailed as previous PES edit modes. Instead you should follow this step-by-step guide to finding and adding official Premier League.

PES 2016 is the best football game of all time, but one thing is missing: most of the licensed kits for English and Scottish teams. Good job then that adding the official jerseys (as well as league emblems and club badges) is easy: below is a step-by-step guide on how to import and get them into the game. Note: at this time we can only confirm that this works on the PS4 version of PES 2016. The Xbox One version of the game has different parameters for importing user-generated content, and as such not all of the elements listed below can be uploaded. On a USB device, create a folder called WEPES. Drop the jerseys and badges you’ve acquired in there. While creating this guide we’ve been using Glen Patterson’s excellent kits, which will be found over at PES World when the game launches.

In the last generation, Pro Evo fans were able to use option files to import real-life team kits and emblems into the game. While the Pro Evo series has made great strides in the official licenses it uses for clubs, leagues, competitions, and national teams, there still are some gaps. Sharing and importing option files is a way around this, and it’s back in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – exclusively for the PlayStation systems (this particular method is for the PS4). Thankfully, it’s an easy process that also looks great.


Go back out of data management, but remain in the edit mode menu, and head for the ‘’Team’’ menu. Select the team you wish to modify, so for example; Arsenal in the Premier League, then go to emblem and choose Load. It should now present you with all the imported badges. Select Arsenal’s and it should now appear in place of the old emblem. For importing kits for teams that aren’t officially licensed, I suggest you manually change the team names first (Aston Villa is listed as West Midlands Village, for example).

This way it’s easier to find the appropriate team when it comes time to paste in their uniforms. Here’s a list of the unlicensed teams and their corresponding real-life ones from PES 2015. I highly suggest you import small batches of uniforms at a time because if you load up the WEPES folder with a bunch of teams all at once in a slew of individual folders, when it comes down to actually selecting and pasting the uniforms in, you’ll have to scroll through and differentiate among too many uniforms, and it can get confusing. There is an overall size limit of files you can import. I’m not sure what that is, because it may depend on the size of the files you’re using.

As a guide, however, I imported a manager photo, team emblem, fifa points account league emblem, and team kit, and it said I had room for more than 330 files. We are just hours away from the exciting launch of PES 2016. Right away, we can see that there is a huge demand for PES 2016 Premier League Kits download on PS4, since as usual Konami won’t be including them in game by default. That’s because EA has all of the official licensing for FIFA 16, but Konami has made it very easy for you to do it yourself thanks to a deep editing system allowing you to create the kits yourself. Even better though, you can rely on others to do the job for you. For those asking how to download Premier League kits for PES 2016, you’ll want to keep an eye on PES World.

Do you know about Tahiti Beach Soccer World Cup

The 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was the eighth edition of the fifa coins FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the premier international beach soccer competition for men’s national teams, which has been organized by FIFA since 2005. Overall, it was the 18th edition since the tournament’s creation in 1995 as the Beach Soccer World Championship, and the third to take place under the biennial system introduced in 2009.

Last year, FIFA 16 looked incredible. At times, you could be playing the game when someone would pass through the room and mistake it for a TV broadcast. Not content with that, EA Canada has gone further than ever before by adding even more visual flare to the presentation. And in FIFA 16, at the beginning of a match you’ll hear about players making their debut appearance, including how much they transferred for, or even key players’ head-to-head stats. In the middle of a game, you might hear about a breaking transfer, or even have statistics appear that show what has happened while you were playing.

A crash course in the rules of the game reveals that each team consists of five players with unlimited substitutions, the action taking place on a sand pitch approximately one-third the size of a conventional football field with each match split into three 12-minute periods. Players are barefoot, there is no offside and all free kicks are direct, with walls prohibited. The win ended Tahiti’s fairytale run, reaching their first final in just their third appearance at the tournament, and they were on the back foot from basically the first kick of the game.


It couldn’t have been a better start for the hosts, with Madjer firing in straight from kick-off – not for the first time this past ten days – to register the fastest goal of the tournament in just three seconds. Despite not being written in the rules, it appears mandatory to score at least three or four barely believable goals per match that would be considered goals of the century if transposed to the grass pitches. Spectacular overhead kicks, goalkeepers blasting thunderous efforts the length of the pitch past their opposite numbers and outrageous volleys bulging the opposition net are all part of the fare.

With the likes of goalkeeper Andrade keeping Tahiti at bay in the opening period, fifa points account Belchior managed to double their advantage ahead of the first break. While Coimbra made it three once they returned, Tahiti rediscovered their goal scoring form which had been a feature of the tournament thus far. Tearii Labaste and Raimana Li Fung Kuee both fired in to send a ripple of tension throughout the arena. In the third period, further goals from Li Fung Kuee and Tahiti’s substitute goalkeeper Jonathon ‘Jo’ Torohia seemed to have the game wrapped up, but an acrobatic Kirill Romanov effort and Alexey Makarov’s side footed finish made it a tense finale, with Torohia saving a last gasp Russian chance.

Tahiti’s No7 completed his hat-trick to put his side further ahead just after the opening break and the crowd had to wait a full six minutes before Artur Paporotnyi reduced the deficit from a free-kick. Li Fung Kuee hit the post from a penalty kick, and was made to pay minutes later when Yury ‘Krash’ Krasheninnikov tapped home an equalizer. Just ten seconds later, Tainui Lehartel put the underdogs ahead before Anatoliy Peremitin missed a chance to level from the penalty spot.

Several game modes won’t appear in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions

Traditionally, one of the good things about sports games is that they run acceptably on almost any gaming device they release on. It’s a reason why so many decide to stick with their PlayStation 3 (PS3) or Xbox 360 a little while longer before taking the plunge to newer consoles or a gaming PC. This however, is about to change if FIFA 16 is any indication. EA Sports has revealed several game modes won’t appear in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 16. fifa points account In a new blog post, EA Sports outlines all of the features that won’t be making an appearance in the last-gen versions. The reason given is because of “console limitations”.

EA has released a list of features that have been taken out of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of this years FIFA game. FIFA is famous for still having last gen versions of the game long after other companies have given up making titles for the old consoles, but that doesn’t mean all versions have been created equal. Publisher Electronic Arts has outlined what features will be available to all platforms and what won’t. Although the list of what will make it to last generation consoles is voluminous, some expected elements have been removed.


Konami temporarily suspended the beta for Metal Gear Online on PC. They announced that a MB exploit was present that allowed gamer to gain free cash shop coins to purchase items from the cash shop during the beta. Konami suspended the beta to issue a hot fix to remove the exploit. According to PC Gamer there was no time frame on when the beta would return, but over on the Steam discussion thread a Konami community manager made it known that there was an exploit they had to fix and that the beta is now back up and running for PC gamer.

Activision has announced new details on the last gen versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Activision confirmed the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game was in development back in June by Beenox and Mercenary Technology. The last gen version of Black Ops 3 will only include access to the multiplayer and zombies modes of the game. Activision originally announced that the last-gen versions will feature a 2 player campaign, but today, they’ve announced that the campaign mode will not be included at all.

Delivering the best possible gameplay experience on all platforms is always our highest priority. With that in mind, Black Ops 3 PS3 and Xbox 360 players can continue to look forward to a new experience of Black Ops 3 multiplayer, including the new momentum-based, chain-movement system, as well as the all-new Specialist class of 9 Black Ops soldiers, which fundamentally change the way players engage in combat. Black Ops 3 players on PS3 and Xbox 360 will also have a chance to immerse themselves in the all-new Zombies mode, called “Shadows of Evil,” which features a 1940’s film-noir inspired adventure that takes the signature Black Ops Zombies gameplay to a new level.

If you don’t plan to upgrade your PC or purchase a PS4 or Xbox One, don’t worry. buy fifa points The core gameplay remains intact with no touch dribbling and improved midfield control. And yes, much touted additions such as FIFA Ultimate Team Draft and Women’s National Teams will be present as well.

The best buy of ps4 in FIFA

FIFA 16 is one of the best sports games of the year and it’s worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a soccer game for your PS4. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 16 is the other. Black Friday is here and unfortunately, a number of the best FIFA 16 deals are already gone. The day after American Thanksgiving is the single busiest shopping day of the year, colloquially known as Black Friday. Buy deals for those early, determined, and lucky enough to score.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the best deals to clear your shopping list or satisfy your own gaming desires, while spending as little as humanly possible. The company is charging just $27 for a copy of the game for these consoles. From what we can tell, these deals are in-store pickup only. fifa coins You cannot ship the game to your house which means you must brave the Black Friday crowds to take advantage of one of the best FIFA 16 deals available.

While the Black Friday ps4 may have to wait for a while longer to make their annual appearance, they still has plenty of hot deals available on a huge selection of the latest and greatest electronics, from video games, computers and phones, to appliances, fitness devices and cameras. Whether you are looking ahead for the perfect stocking stuffers, a gift for someone else, or something just for yourself, there are great prices on a variety of products year around. Check out all our great gift ideas to get started!


Sony video game console price drop brings it to $349, however, you can buy it with a game or find it even cheaper as a standalone deal (the lowest we’ve seen is $299). There’s also a 1TB PS4 with double the internal storage for more games, music, TV shows and movies. The best PS4 Black Friday deals we have compiled can be found. To a lesser extent, you’ll find a few good prices at Target.

Alternatively, the PS4 Disney Infinity 3.0 Limited Edition Star Wars Bundle combines the console with the Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Edition Bundle Kit and four classic game for $349, though it’s currently out of stock. PS4 bundled with The Last of Us Remastered and Call of Duty: Ghosts lets you dual wield with two of last year’s top-selling PlayStation 4 games. Right now, it’s just $399, however it, too, is sold out for the moment. PS4 Black Friday Bundle with GTA 5 and The Last of Us Remastered is another pairing of games that came out last year, but still worth investing in. PS4 Limited Edition Destiny, the Taken King bundle brings you up to speed on the next-generation console and one of the most popular video games for $399, but it’s out of stock currently.

Before this the only credible football games on console had been viewed from an overhead perspective, such as Super Kick Off. EA’s fresh spin on the sport delivered an isometric vantage point, fully animated player sprites and thunderous 30-yard rocket shots – although one shortcoming was the ease with which you could score from distance. Curiously, despite the company forking out for the official FIFA license, all 48 teams featured fake kits and player names.

While some FIFA 16 Black Friday deals are sold out, buy fifa points others are still available and here we outline the best remaining FIFA 16 deals. For many deal shoppers, half the fun of Black Friday is the thrill of a bustling store and the satisfaction of a cart full of incredible deals. For those that would prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, our Black Friday online deals certainly won’t disappoint. Check out the Best Buy Black Friday ad online in the weeks leading up to the big event to get a preview of the deals to come and to create your shopping strategy.

Best player guide for FIFA

They’ve won the World Cup more than anyone else, with five stars above their badge to prove it, and have provided an endless river of ridiculous footballers who have changed the face of the game. Names like Neymar, Ronaldinho and Kaka have lit up the world of football and before them the country that never seems to suffer for a lack of talent enjoyed another Golden Era, with Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos. Football is engrained in Brazilian culture just as gravy runs through the veins of the English. And while their current national side appears to be in a slight rut , stunning talent will continue to pour out of the favelas and onto the world stage. There’s nothing quite like a traditional Brazilian talent in your virtual team, fifa 16 so here are the hottest young stars on FIFA 16 based on their potential rating. Nurture them in the right way and you’ll reap some serious rewards.

Building a team is the biggest challenge on FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, because your budget may not allow it, but it is player’s stature that helps him obtain success. It’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry will be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose to gather players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging team chemistry a lot.


Based on experiences of game through the first few weeks of play, You should made some adjustments to the weight factors used to evaluate each player. Most notably, I have increased the weight of passing, positioning and stamina for midfielders. Additionally, The most important is increased the weight of interceptions for defensive players. FIFA ultimate team account Because we have seen a gradual decline in the importance of pace, and FIFA 16 is no exception. Although pace still counts for the front players, there is no point in choosing players who only excel in being fast any more. Last year, FIFA analyzed the relationship between actual performance and stats. The result of this analysis has been incorporated into the ratings of strikers and center forwards.
Roberto Pereyra has an incredible all-round card. His pace and dribbling mean he will be able to make exceptional individual runs with the ball and his passing will allow him to pick out his teammates with invariable precision. His defending and physical stats will mean that he will have no trouble looking after himself in the midfield and he will be great at winning the ball back and breaking up opposition attacks. Pereyra is the player that I most recommend you buy in FIFA

Brazil usually adopt a 4-2-3-1 formation and are not afraid to be direct, often seeking out the flamboyant Neymar on the left with long balls from the back. Strengths: Take your pick. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has the required major tournament know-how, the players are talented and well-drilled, the strong team spirit is abundantly evident and a passionate home crowd will surely inspire the team again, as they did at the Confederations Cup last summer. Weaknesses: The paucity of centre forward options is a potential concern. First-choice Fred has been injured for five months this season, Jo’s form has faltered, and Diego Costa opted to represent Spain.