more and more functions of Pokemon Go have been Cracked arouse

As the pokemon go becomes popular, The news that the code of pokemon go may have been Cracked arouse our interests. Here are some news about it: Pokemon go

Firstly, there may add the functions of trade elf’s between players, through the official do not Announce this temporal, we can find some codes about this functions such as: trade-search; trade-offer; trade-response; trade-result and so on. It allows the players propose the quest that exchange their elf.

Secondly, Legendary elf may comes out, although the accident of the freezing bird has a bad result, but some players find another code is “active-catch-legend-pokemon. This codes show the official may release the legend elf again.

Third, more useful props such as: item-incense-cool, item-incense-flora; item-effectcap-chance-night, item-effectcap-chance-trainer; item-effectcap-chance-first-throw and so on these codes show it allows the players according to the grade to decide the ratio that catch pokemon.

All in all , let us enjoy the game and looking forwards to more useful functions.