FIFA Mobile is running a Football Freeze Program

After a short-lived Harvest Fest event, EA is back with one of the most awaited events of the year. Yes, it is that time of the year again, it is Football Freeze time! 2020 has been a hard year for almost everybody but what can be a more beautiful way than to end this year with FIFA Mobile 21 Football Freeze. In the newest edition of this classic event, you’ll open Frozen Gifts, collect Candy Canes, progress along with the famous Snowflake, and climb up the Slippery Slope.

In this guide, we are going to discuss all about it, what is this Freeze promo, what sort of players could be selected for this promo , what’s going to be the impact on the market, how to avoid losing coins on your players and how to actually make coins on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Freeze promo.
FIFA Mobile 21 Freeze
FIFA Mobile 21 Football Freeze Event Description

  •     Event Duration: December 9th – January 7th (29 Days)
  •     Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 Starry Night Energy per ad
  •     Energy: Starry Night Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18

Starry Night Chapter
Play 3 Skill Games to earn Frozen Gifts. The more stars you gather from skill games, the more Frozen Gifts you can claim.

Claiming your Frozen Gifts will refresh the Gifts and Skill Games. Go through the process enough times and Skill Games become more difficult and Frozen Gifts become better.

Starry Night Energy refreshes hourly with a max of 18 Starry Night Energy.

Holiday Gifts
Starting Today, you’ll see a special Live Event up in the Far North. Complete this Event to earn one of 26 special Frozen Gifts. Each Frozen Gift is a mystery and unlocks on a specific date. Be sure to check the details on when a gift is available to redeem.

Frozen Gifts
Earn Frozen Gifts from the Starry Night chapter and use them here for all kinds of rewards! For Frozen Gifts full schedule please click here.
fifa mobile gifts
Dec 9 – 24, Gifts rotate every day.
Dec 24 – 26, Gifts rotate hourly.
Dec 26 – 31, Gifts rotate every 12 hours.
Dec 31 – Jan 01, Gifts rotate hourly.
Jan 01 – 06, Gifts rotate every 12 hours.
*all time start in 19:00 UTC.

Last 24 hours of the event includes minimal rewards to use any remaining gifts.

Snowflake (Weeks 1 & 3)
You can’t have Football Freeze without a Snowflake! Claim your daily Frozen Points here to progress along the path. Play the Skill Game associated with the node to get your reward. Every Snowflake path focuses on different types of rewards, so you can choose whatever path works for you!

Everyday as you login you will receive 1250 Frozen Points, that is daily what you use in Football Freeze. Remember everything you do here does not carry over, your Frozen Points do not carry over to the next week. So the strategy on this, there is a not a lot of boost this time, so stick to Candy Canes. Make Candy Canes and Snowmen Points your main point of focus, everything else is fodder.

Candy Cane Lane Chapter
Earn Candy Cane’s from completing the 4 Seasons: Football Freeze Daily Quests and then spend here to get rewards. Every reward you claim earns you Snowmen Points, which can be used for claiming various player rewards.

Player Snowmen Points Required
85 RM Christie 250
85 RW Caliguiri 250
86 CDM Krychowiak 500
86 CF Giovinco 500
88 CAM Savanier 750
88 ST Tevez 750
89 CM Maksimovic 1000
89 CB Coady 1000
90 GK Consigli 2500
90 RM Berghuis 2500
91 CM Milner 3250
91 ST Falcao 3250
92 LM Perisic 4000
92 CB Can 4000
93 RB Wan-Bissaka 5000
93 CM Koke 5000
94 CAM David Silva 6000
94 ST Vardy 6000
95 GK Sommer 7000
96 LW Ronaldo 9000
93 Icon CB Blanc 8000
98 Prime Icon CAM Hagi 62,500

Slippery Slope (Weeks 2 & 4)
Play increasingly difficult Skill Games and Matches as you work your way up the Slippery Slope. Use Base Stamina to play and earn Penguin Score. There are 15 nodes to play of increasing difficulty combining skill games and matches giving you Penguin Scores.

Possible Gold Gifts
5 – 60 Skill Boosts
5,000 – 100,000 Coins
2,500 – 25,000 Training XP
70+ Gold Player
50 Snowmen Points
50 TOTW Tokens

Possible Elite Gifts
15 – 250 Skill Boosts
50,000 – 400,000 Coins
4,000 – 75,000 Training XP
84+ Premium Freeze Player
84+ Freeze Player
80+ Harvest Fest Player
80+ UCL Player
80+ Elite Player
100 Snowmen Points
50 Icons Points
25 TOTW Premium Points
100 TOTW Tokens

It’s a promo from FIFA mobile we rarely see that offers players unique cards and the chance to unlock rewards. It’s themed heavily around special themed players SBCs that are released for 24 hours periods every day for around 2 weeks featuring a number of desirable cards. Now EA decided to carry FIFA mobile’s Freeze promo over to next gen, so possibly what is the reason they would want to do this is because not everyone celebrates Christmas.

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Facundo Campazzo arrived at NBA 2K21

The man from Cordoba who officially makes his NBA debut tonight with the Denver Nuggets also has his player in the world’s most popular basketball simulator.
facundo campazzo
Facundo Campazzo generated a revolution since his arrival in Denver. Not only because he was fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA according to him but also because of the appreciation of his own teammates who quickly dubbed him “Spider-Man” and who rave about him. As if all that were not enough while he waits to make his official debut in the season (tonight against the Sacramento Kings) a new fact occurred that will make everyone happy: his official inclusion in NBA 2K21.

“I’m ready and very happy to be here,” Campazzo said in a video posted on the official accounts of the Nuggets during his visit to the Pepsi Center stadium. Also when entering the corridor towards the playing field the Argentine guard said: “Nervous!” (nervous).

“I am so happy to be here. It’s a great team. I have a lot of great teammates,” he said in his opening statement. The 29-year-old Argentine despite going undrafted in 2013 made his way to the NBA packing several solid seasons in Europe including a couple of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague championships as a member of the Madrid squad.
It was made to wait as 2K Sports waited until practically the start of the regular season. But finally Campazzo is already in NBA 2K21 as a point guard for the Denver Nuggets. Listed as a base passer the Cordovan has his strongest numbers in everything related to sleight of hand and his ability and intelligence to pass. Anyway Facu is not yet known in the NBA and this version of him in the video game may just be the beginning.

Facu is classified as a “Base passer” and his ability to organize play (A-) and his ability to hit triples (B) stand out. The controversy goes through his general average which is 73 points although it must be said that it is not very below that of his teammates and that it is more than acceptable taking into account that he is a “rookie”. that is to say a debutant in the league.

The 29-year-old Argentine guard who repeated his desire to play in the NBA many times comes from Real Madrid Spain with whom he won two Euroleague and three ACB leagues.

“The Denver Nuggets have a great team. They played very well last year,” he mentioned recalling the run to the Western Conference Finals “The playoffs they usually go there so that is very motivating for me and playing on a team like this one is very very awesome for me.”

Facundo Campazzo’s numbers in NBA 2K21:

Average: 73
Tray running: 72
Matte in static: 25
Mate in the race: 25
Close Shot: 64
Mid-range shot: 74
Shot of three: 76
Free kick: 83
Hook on post: 43
Suspension back on pot: 40
Post control: 35
Cause foul: 50
C.I. shooting: 90
Passing Accuracy: 82
Ball handling: 79
Ball Speed: 70
Hands: 81
C.I. pass: 86
Pass Vision: 86
Offensive consistency: 50
Inner Defense: 40
Outside defense: 70
Theft: 69
Plug: 45
Offensive rebound: 35
Defensive rebound: 45
Lateral speed: 73
C.I. defense aid: 65
Passing Perception: 76
Defensive constancy: 50
Speed: 72
Acceleration: 72
Strength: 49
Vertical: 58
Stamina: 80
Intangibles: 75
Intensity: 95
Potential: 73
Average Health: 80

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Fortnite Winterfest 2020,When it starts

Buy Fortnite Accounts Epic Games first introduced a Christmas Fortnite event with 14 days of Fortnite. There were brand new Christmas-themed Fortnite skins making their way into the item shop on a daily basis. Players could also complete one new challenge each day in order to unlock a free cosmetic.

We don’t have an exact date of when Winterfest 2020 will begin but we do have some clues based on past seasonal content.

The original Fortnite Christmas event lasted from December 20 to January 2. Last year Winterfest ran from December 18 to January 6. We expect something similar to the latter this year.

It also wouldn’t be impossible to see these holiday skins show up on the map as NPCs now that NPCs are just sort of a regular part of the game. I imagine that we’ll definitely get some of those along with regular holiday sorts of things in-game: the sneaky snowman for example or some challenges that revolve around throwing the snowball toy. I’d also be shocked if the map didn’t wind up covered in snow and dotted with Christmas decorations at some point maybe with a challenge that involves dancing in front of trees like we usually see. Probably something fireworks-related for New Year’s.

Of course it’s not an event without some new stuff to do. Cheap Fortnite Accounts 14 Days of Fortnite/Winterfest is a great chance to play some fun LTMS and mini-games with friends and season 5’s new map could make for some interesting matches if Epic changes things up with some snowfall.

From the v15.00 Fortnite update data-miners leaked a Snowmando skin which could also be the snowman NPC that data-miners leaked. According to those leaks the NPC will grant you a request it’ll have conversations with you and can explode or spawn loot for you. Remember this was before the launch of season 5 and we already know NPCs can interact with you and provide you with quests which makes this leak very reliable.

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Roblox buys assets from Imbellus before IPO

Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Coins Roblox said on Tuesday that it acquired the intellectual property assets of Imbellus a cognitive assessment startup to improve the recruitment practices of the U.S. online gaming platform prior to its planned initial public offering (IPO).

Roblox the video game platform loved by preteens earned close to $1.2bn from selling virtual currency to its users in the first nine months of the year as gaming surged under Covid-19 lockdowns.

Earlier last month there were reports that Roblox is also planning on going public and there Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Gems have also been reports that the company has already submitted a draft of its IPO to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the company the majority of users of the online games on the platform are under 13 years of age. Daily active users almost doubled to 36.2 million in the period up to September.Around 72 percent are users on mobile devices 25 percent on desktop computers and three percent on consoles.

“We are creating a new team within Roblox led by Imbellus visionary founder Rebecca Kantar to build a system at Roblox for fair and objective assessments that will help us expand our sources of potential talent from more diverse backgrounds,” said a spokesman Roblox spokesperson in a statement sent by email.

Its valuation at IPO was not clear but the start-up was most recently valued at $4bn when it raised $150m in a funding round led by venture capital group Andreessen Horowitz in February. is the best place for purchasing Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Currency special price 100% safe no hack no cheats will happen real sellers real stocks! Shop now!

Godfall release times revealed

Godfall Echoes PlayStation 5 has several fantastic single-player games at launch such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls. If multiplayer games are more of your style you aren’t out of luck following Destruction AllStars’ delay. Godfall will soon arrive to fill that cooperative multiplayer void.

Godfall will be ready to download simultaneously around the world from the Epic Game Store on November 11 at 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT. PlayStation 5 players will be able to download the game at midnight local time on November 12 or November 19 depending on the console launch date for your region.

Yes modifying the augments you slot into your Valorplate will dramatically alter the primary role you play in co-op. Some augments provide unique loot traits that are intended to enhance and heal allies as opposed to adding raw DPS. Vitality (green) augments will specifically enhance your tankiness.Cheap Godfall Echoes Augments can also power up your shield abilities which can give your build an uptick in CC. And then of course there are plenty of augments that enhance your raw DPS.

The goal is of course to prevent the end of days by defeating the big bad boss Macros which you can do by yourself in singleplayer or with up 3 other players in co-op. In terms of gameplay Godfall follows the looter-shooter formula with special care taken in designing a semi-randomised loot drop system that feels rewarding while retaining the thrill of them random drops.

As of November 2020 Godfall has not been officially announced for Xbox Series X. But there’s reason to believe that it will eventually come to Microsoft’s next-generation platform.

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Genshin Impact would have brought 245 million dollars to the MiHoYo

Genshin Impact Accounts A new analysis of Sensor Tower in fact reveals that in its first month of availability Genshin Impact would have brought 245 million dollars to the Chinese studio’s coffers and this only in the mobile version. This is one of the biggest mobile game launches ever and as we have no data on the other versions we assume the numbers are really high.

This is according to Sensor Tower which says this makes it one of the biggest mobile game launches ever with a launch month stronger than games such as Netmarble’s Lineage 2: Revolution Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes and Fortnite’s first 30 days on the App Store.

It’s remarkable how much thought has been put into Genshin Impact’s core gameplay to make it a vocal part of the experience. Quest design is excellent and offers a lot of variety with puzzles flying tasks and even sneaking missions. The open-world has been crafted with care too; often when set out on a quest we found Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts ourselves spotting exciting stuff along the way and getting sidetracked.

Genshin Impact has also been the highest-revenue-generating title on both the App Store and Google Play since its launch above Honor of Kings at $216 million and PUBG Mobile at $195 million.

Genshin Impact is available on PC PS4 Android and iOS. Klee has arrived in recent days have you seen her trailer where she blows everything up?

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Genshin Impact seems ready to introduce update 1.1

Genshin Impact Primogem Account Genshin Impact has convinced a little everyone between audiences and critics in recent weeks. Free to play available on PC PS4 and mobile (but also arriving on Nintendo Switch on an unspecified date) is only at the beginning of its journey. MiHoYo the developer seems ready to introduce update 1.1 which should introduce many new features such as new characters.

Currently there are two massive zones for players to explore in Genshin Impact each with a story arc: Mondstadt and Liyue. According to rumors a leak of Patch 1.1 showed off a new zone. The new zone is called Inuzuma and is based around the Electro element. Players would unlock Inuzuma at Adventurer Rank 34 after the current end of Genshin Impact’s story. Again these are just rumors and haven’t been confirmed by miHoYo. However the Genshin Impact developer has confirmed some things in Patch 1.1 via a newly unveiled roadmap.

On November 11 players can look forward to the previously rumored 1.1 update. While no information was Genshin Impact Primogem Account online given on if this will include the new characters and region that was previously leaked miHoYo stated that this is when players will be able to begin participating in the Unreturned Star Off event. Version 1.2 will launch on December 23 and will introduce a new snowy-themed area called the Longji Snow Mountain. Finally version 1.3 is expected to release in February 2021 where miHoYo expects to launch the Sea Lantern Festival which had previously given the development team issues in previous tests.

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WASH OUT Groupon ‘horrendous sexist’ advert

Groupon Gift Cards The UK woman told The Sun she was searching for a new spray mop on Google when the Groupon ad came up. While the initial search result didn’t include the word ‘women’s’ in the title when she clicked the link the product was described as a “Women’s Spray Mop With Microfibre Pads: Purple” retailing for £8.99 (NZ$17.50).

After making the discovery the unhappy shopper took to Twitter writing a sarcastic comment to Groupon asking whether it was selling a unisex mop or one that men could use so that her husband could clean the floors too.

As the advert is listed as a link for Groupon on Google’s search engine The Sun  Buy Groupon Gift Cards approached both Groupon and Google for comment about the mop.

Groupon blamed the ad on its automation software which added the word “Women’s” after finding the product had been purchased by a large percentage of women.

“We agree with the reader’s sentiment on this advert – Groupon does not believe that housework is in any way gender-specific,” the spokesperson said.

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The NHL 21 Official Reveal Trailer

nhl 21 coins for sale While Electronic Arts had already given an extensive insight into “FIFA 21″ and “Madden NFL 21″ and published “EA Sports UFC 4″ in the last few weeks and months ice hockey fans are still waiting for the official unveiling of “NHL 21″. But you can already sharpen the runners.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the game’s release every year revolves around its cover art with only the most famous and top-level players getting a shot at immortality. The list of previous cover athletes includes such recognizable names as Steve Yzerman Martin Broduer Eric Lindros Mario Lemieux Jarome Iginla and Connor McDavid. The most recent iteration of the game NHL 20 featured Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And thanks to the EA NHL Youtube channel we now know when the Official Reveal Trailer will premiere which is 11am EST on 24 August.

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EVE Online is mobile EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes InterStellar Kredits EVE Online is not only a free MMORPG (historically it was a paid production) for computers but also mobile EVE Echoes. The authors of the original from CCP Games in cooperation with the external studio NetEase Games which took care of most of the work finally published the smartphone edition of EVE. The game would have been released earlier but the finalization of the project was delayed by the coronavirus which also had a heavy impact on the gaming and electronic entertainment industry.

You can expect dozens of hours of roleplaying goodness to enjoy while venturing across the stars in search of your fortune. What makes Echoes special much like its big brother is its sandbox design. You can choose how you want to act within its gargantuan universe EVE Online Mobile ISK for sale whether that be as a small-time trader or a dastardly space pirate.

“EVE Echoes is a next-gen mobile spaceship MMO game based upon hallmark EVE Online design principles. In EVE Echoes players will be able to forge their own path to glory within a massive space sandbox environment forming alliances with other pilots from across the galaxy to shape the game’s persistent universe.

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