NHL 18: Ideas on GM Mode Improvement From Ouside

NHL series have always been surprising people with its fantastic Game mode and amazing User Experience. Now, what else to it, we are going to see yet another update in the next year and we expect the same fun from this GM mode too in NHL 18. Now, talking about this latest module people have certain expectations from it and we are going to see how this features if actually integrated into the Game would do changes into it for good only.

NFL 18

NHL 18 GM Mode Ideas:

For Franchise Mode, I want that we do not know the players of the other team and we have to make out a pre-scout and identify them on the basis of their ratings so that it takes a while for trading to actually happen. And to add more to it add custom class draft classes for overall players to make it even more difficult to differentiate between them and of course the free agency would work on deadline and counting down and that will let us know us on the Billboard which players are traded and signed in.

We can also have a Franchise Center with slow development traits to have them complement the potential to get a top 6 opposition players selected with a Red/ Green indication of risk or chances they achieve. We can also have the Game Play formulated on the basis of match-ups, changes in strategy, changes in the lineups, possible injuries, a rookie that’s getting a chance, hot and cold streaks etc.

I really like the Idea of “Fog Of Wars” for ratings and a better way to have this idea implemented is for General overall that could raise and lower the Players based on the points on them. We can also have random players in Team’s Farm system and minor players with vague number points and no specifics.

Another very important and needed feature that can be added is better interaction between NHL and other leagues so that we can have our players invited from European leagues too. Also International Coaching opportunities from World Juniors would do great to the Game and add a lot of potential fun to world Hockey. It would be great indeed to receive offers from other Nations too.

Yet another important feature would be to have more interaction and connection between the players like they being mad about their ice team and negotiating contracts between the mid- season and just making Free agency and trade deadline much more interesting than before. Some more features, can also be added to free agent time to see a player’s value rise and fall depending importantly on their performance and age.

Player development skills also need to be looked at, younger players needs to be trained better with guys changing positions, training and practicing. But then everything should be fair and equal and so they get negative attributes if they do not play well, similarly older players should also start to fall off at a certain point. There can be a specific algorithm for this that take their current skills and moves attributes based on age, performance, injury history and current age.

Also Iginla type players will have to be used in a better way and smartly so that they would be able to dominate and carry play due to their durability, speed and skating slowing down and getting worse all credited to the better features implemented to their hands, vision and shooting to get their power play with open ice and set up in offensive zone. This would also force teams to get younger players up, and shift their teams around. We can also have “Ratings Fog” shifted so that we have utilized our scouts and players can play freely.

So guys share your ideas to improve GM mode in NHL game in comments below and stay connected for more updates…

NHL 18 EASHL Tips: Efficient Breakout Passing

Every position in the game has separated tasks to be completed. Defense is one of the most crucial positions. it not only need quick reaction, fast pace, and good communication, but also unknown skills. there are very few players who meet those requirement. as a top-defenseman, except for knowing how to play defense, you also have the ability to pass the ball to your teammate appropriately and avoid the interception of your opponent.

There is a bad situation that goalie must look out-it’s you who suffer a big loss if your teammate make basic mistakes, while you are playing EASHL. those mistakes can result in repeated turnovers in front of the goal zone, the more turnover you play, the higher possibility for you to loss a goal.


Smart decision making on the breakout will lead to:

– More efficient offense in transition

– Fewer Defensive Zone Turnovers

– Fewer Suicide Passes/Neutral Zone Turnovers

– Overall Happier Teammates (Especially Goalies)

Know who your options are before you get the puck. Noticed who’s covered and who’s open before deciding where to pass the puck.

Know your options (boards, center, dman). When you pick up the puck you should always have 3 options. The winger by the boards, the center in the middle of the ice, and your defensive partner usually somewhere behind the net. You’re first option is to get the puck to the forwards but don’t force it. Hockey’s a simple game if you pass it to the open guy. If the forwards are covered and you’re running out of time, send it behind the net and don’t turn the puck over.

A turnover here would be deadly, try to pass the puck to a teammate quickly. If that’s not possible, get the puck out of the zone and live to see another day.

Is there pressure when you get the puck? Sometimes you’ll pick up the puck and the other team is already in your face. You’re not going to have time to skate or look around and you definitely don’t want to turn the puck over right in front of your net. Trust that your teammates are where they are supposed to be and get rid of the puck with one-touch pass or a shot around the boards. Even if they intercept the pass, they’ll pick it up along the outside and that will give your team time to regroup then if you turned it over right in front of the net.

No pressure? No need to force a pass. Take the space they give you.

If there is no pressure there’s no need to rush the pass. Take your time, and carry the puck up the ice until you find an open teammate. It’s ok for a Dman to carry the puck all the way into the offensive zone if the forwards are covered and the other team is giving you space. In drop-ins the forwards might yell at you but don’t listen to them, trust your reads and make the smart play.

Those are my tips for defenseman on the breakout. Make sure to communicate with your teammates. If your wingers not by the boards or your D partner isn’t behind the net limiting your options, talk about it, don’t yell at him and overall its about helping each other out and the team.

Hopefully you find these NHL 18  tips helpful. Feel free to leave a comment on the video itself or here on SGO.

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