Godfall release times revealed

Godfall Echoes PlayStation 5 has several fantastic single-player games at launch such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls. If multiplayer games are more of your style you aren’t out of luck following Destruction AllStars’ delay. Godfall will soon arrive to fill that cooperative multiplayer void.

Godfall will be ready to download simultaneously around the world from the Epic Game Store on November 11 at 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT. PlayStation 5 players will be able to download the game at midnight local time on November 12 or November 19 depending on the console launch date for your region.

Yes modifying the augments you slot into your Valorplate will dramatically alter the primary role you play in co-op. Some augments provide unique loot traits that are intended to enhance and heal allies as opposed to adding raw DPS. Vitality (green) augments will specifically enhance your tankiness.Cheap Godfall Echoes Augments can also power up your shield abilities which can give your build an uptick in CC. And then of course there are plenty of augments that enhance your raw DPS.

The goal is of course to prevent the end of days by defeating the big bad boss Macros which you can do by yourself in singleplayer or with up 3 other players in co-op. In terms of gameplay Godfall follows the looter-shooter formula with special care taken in designing a semi-randomised loot drop system that feels rewarding while retaining the thrill of them random drops.

As of November 2020 Godfall has not been officially announced for Xbox Series X. But there’s reason to believe that it will eventually come to Microsoft’s next-generation platform.

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