Blizzard has revealed it will be making a ton of changes to Diablo 2: Resurrected

Blizzard has revealed it will be making a ton of changes to Diablo 2: Resurrected thanks to fans who participated in the Technical Alpha or sent in feedback after watching one of its livestreams, and these include key visual improvements, quality of life and accessibility changes, and more.

If you played the Diablo 2: Resurrected alpha back when it kicked off in April and gave Blizzard some feedback on your experiences, chances are you’ve shaped a better final product.

In a post to the blog, Blizzard starts by announcing that it has improved several art assets. Skills that have had their art updated include Lightning and Blizzard – two Sorceress abilities – and the Paladin ability Holy Freeze. Blizzard says that it has also updated the visual effects that show when monsters are damaged or immobilized by spells, poisons, or other gameplay mechanics, so those should be more obvious in the future.

Other quality of life updates include a toggleable item compare tooltip (also under user interface settings), an automap feature that lets you view a “faint overlay” of your current level by pressing Tab, and streamlined map settings for a left, right, and center-aligned minimap. There’s also a clock now – because you don’t want to lose track of time in Hell – as well as temporary immunity after loading screens (including logging in) and, amusingly, some apparently excessive grunt sound effects have been removed based on player feedback.

There are a bunch of other changes and additions that will be implemented in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the much-requested Clock feature that will let you see the time in-game.

Characters will also no longer spawn in a hostile place until the game is fully loaded, and the team has “removed extra grunts and yelps that were initially added.”

Some UI elements are being overhauled, too: colors are being rethought to make things like potions stick out a bit more against their grey backgrounds, for example. A clock is also being added to make sure you can keep track of just how long you’re sinking into that hellish world.

This probably isn’t the only batch of changes we’ll see hit Diablo II Resurrected before its release date on September 23rd. In August, Blizzard will be hosting a closed beta for those who pre-ordered the game, and then it’ll open Diablo II Resurrected up for everyone through an open beta. Once both of those betas have run their course, we can probably expect new rounds of changes as Blizzard will likely be working with even more feedback from fans at that point.

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NBA 2K22 could be better than ever before

Anticipation for NBA 2K22 is building more and more as fans clamor for the first official news about this year’s release.The arrival of next-gen consoles in the past year has cranked the excitement up a notch too as the game could be better than ever before.

This includes MyNBA, The City, and a new MyPLAYER authoring system. Regardless, not much information about NBA 2K22 has been released to date, and the release date is expected to be around September 2021. Also, there are no trailers for the game / The trailer has been released so far, although several leaks of Twitter suggests that the cover stars for this year’s issue may already have been revealed.

Furthermore, the leak also seems to provide information on the special edition of the game, called NBA 75th Anniversary Edition, which will provide both old-gen and next-gen versions as well as 100,000 virtual credits for in-game purchases.

The PC remains the black sheep of the next gen
In addition to how PS4 and Xbox One are left behind as things go on, one unfortunate secondary victim has been PC gamers who like titles made primarily for consoles.
NBA 2K22
As the next generation started to catch on and the previous one was to add extra features to a next-generation version of a game that launches on both current and next-generation consoles, the PC was somehow integrated with the past rather than with the future.

This has been understandably frustrating for PC gamers, especially those who take PC gaming seriously, as the average modern gaming PC can easily be as powerful as the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, if not more powerful.

If NBA 2K22’s development follows the pattern of previous releases, players can expect an NBA 2K22 demo as early as August 2021.

This will give players ample time to try the game out, and if it mirrors the NBA 2K21 demo – will allow players to try out new MyPLAYER builds.

It should be noted that to date there has been no official announcement regarding the cover stars of NBA 2K22. NBA 2K21 saw Damian Lillard as the cover star, while Zion Williamson was cast as the cover athlete for the next-gen console versions of the game. Finally, the late LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was the cover athlete for the legendary version of NBA 2K22.

Take-Two and 2K have not yet shown the world the next iteration of the series, but it could be a matter of days: last year the cover athletes of NBA 2K21 were officially revealed in the month of July, so it would not be a surprise that also this year they decided to repeat the same timing.

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