Diablo 2: Resurrected boot issue is expected to take a few days to fix

Diablo 2: Resurrected is now live and as with all games, there are bound to be some issues or bugs cropping up that players will encounter. As players eagerly begin hunting loot and killing demonic creatures by the thousands in one of the best Xbox RPGs available, we’ll be checking and reporting any major problems that seem to be consistently showing up.

Diablo 2: Resurrected is quite good, as you’d expect—it’s a redo of one of the greatest action-RPGs of all time, after all. But its launch hasn’t been entirely smooth, as players have struggled with disappearing characters, being locked out of their games, or a simple refusal of the game to start at all.

The issue relates to how Blizzard built the remaster. Despite the game’s engine being very similar to the original, it has caused some problems running on older hardware. The cause of the problem is related to the Advanced Vector Extension, which was added to CPU’s when they started using x86 architecture in 2011. When this issue is fixed, it should unlock the ability for older systems to run the game.

The good news is that the development team thinks it has a potential fix for the issue, but it “goes beyond AVX specifically,” PezRadar said, and that means it’s going to take awhile to ensure that it doesn’t end up making things worse: “The fix could potentially affect all users, even those outside of not having AVX support, so we are wanting to make sure we do proper testing.”

Given the nature of big game launches these days, especially for online titles, problems around when the game is first available are unfortunately something to just be expected.

September 26, 1:28 p.m. EST Blizzard is beginning another round of maintenance that will last between two to three hours. During this time, players may be disconnected, as server capacity will be limited.
September 23, 4:04 p.m. EST: Another round of emergency maintenance has taken servers offline. It’s expected that servers will be down for about 45 minutes.
September 23, 1:45 p.m. EST: It looks like servers are slowly coming back online, with lobbies being populated by multiple players.
September 23, 1 p.m. EST: Diablo 2: Resurrected is currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance to hopefully fix the online issues the game is experiencing. Except maintenance to last for at least 30 minutes.

Diablo 2 remains one of Blizzard’s most beloved games, but Resurrected’s rough launch is but one crumbling ember among the blazing inferno currently surrounding the company.

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Flyff Legacy is now available on Google Play and North American App Store

Flyff Legacy is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG based on the popular PC game Flyff Online. Launched in 2004, “Fly for Fun” (Flyff) was the world’s first flying RPG and quickly became a standout hit among free-to-play online RPGs. Flyff Legacy combines the charming anime style and social aspects of the original game with new graphics and gameplay especially designed for the mobile experience that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike.

Now that franchise has come to mobile as Flyff Legacy. Rather than a direct port, it’s an isometric reimagining with gameplay more suited to mobile.

That means more autoplay options, VIP tiers, and lots of repeatable dungeons. That probably doesn’t sound too tempting, but it should bring a smile to your face if you played the original

The game will talk about a world where many demon armies are coming to destroy the world. The brave must rise up and fight to defeat the demons to bring the world back to peace. It’s a simple but interesting storyline. which the game supports all Thai language, allowing players to read the story Item details, skills, content are easy to differentiate, Thai gamers will like it.

Flyff Legacy also puts a lot of emphasis on PvP with a number of different offerings for every play style. While the game as a whole is open to PvP, you can also fight against other players in 1v1 duels to win a treasure, or against your guild mates in a friendship competition. Flyff Legacy even offers the opportunity for large-scale PvP battles with 20v20 matches or a 40-player free-for-all.

Flyff Legacy takes place in the fantasy world of Madrigal where players may create a Mercenary, Acrobat or Magician character and embark on an epic quest to learn to fly on a broom, party up with other adventurers, and make their way through countless dungeons. As your character gains experience, they can acquire better gear and special costumes, collect pets and level up their brooms. While quests and dungeons offer exciting opportunities, the real excitement and glory comes from challenging other players in PvP instances, and only the most daring venture into Open PK lands.

How to play “Flyff Legacy” on Android?

Download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app — we recommend SuperVPN (Download: Google Play / App Store);
Download the game’s APK (click to download);
Download the APK file to your mobile and install it;
Start VPN and select the country United States;
Start the game and have fun.

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Bless Unleashed has an average rating where only 48% of the reviews posted are positive

It’s a good time to be an MMO, not World of Warcraft. As WoW players continue to search for alternatives, Final Fantasy XIV set records, Amazon’s New World made a huge impact in beta, and now players are flocking to Bless Unleashed, a remake of the canceled Bless Online.

What is Bless Unleashed?

Bless Unleashed is a new Free2Play MMORPG set in the same world as the failed Bless. The only thing the games have in common with the predecessor is the name and the world, the new game plays a lot faster.

About the game

Explore the huge and vibrant world with your allies and friends. Or go on an epic adventure alone and push your limits. From the weapons you use to the skills you unlock, you have full control over your character’s development and actions. Every choice you make in the world of Bless will shape your story. So create your destiny and write your adventure in history.

Wide and varied landscapes full of life await you. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, from the peaceful and beautiful forests of the Ribus Federation to the treacherous Uncharted Territories. The more you explore, the more stories you will encounter and experience.

The launch has seen some interest, with some server problems and SteamDB reporting a peak of 71,577 users in the last 24 hours. At the moment, however, Bless Unleashed has an “Average” rating on the Valve platform, where only 48% of the reviews posted are positive. Note the thorough review by Fir3sky, which says: “The uninstall option works great!”.

Early user reviews for Unleashed were mixed, with players calling the game’s revenue “pay-to-win,” especially as the game’s features forced PvP at level 30.

On the other hand, many players praise the following aspects of the game:

The graphics and style of the game are praised
The dynamic combat system with the action elements is well received by many players
The epic boss fights and dungeons also earn a lot of praise

Bless Unleashed Founder Package Prices
Fortunately, you do not have to pay any fees for the game. You can download and play for free. However, if you want, you can buy various packages that give you extra features and a mount for the game. These packages and their pricing are as follows:

Deluxe Founders Pack: 85.95 TL
Exalted Founders Pack: 142.65 TL
Ultimate Founders Pack: 258.75 TL

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Blizzard has revealed it will be making a ton of changes to Diablo 2: Resurrected

Blizzard has revealed it will be making a ton of changes to Diablo 2: Resurrected thanks to fans who participated in the Technical Alpha or sent in feedback after watching one of its livestreams, and these include key visual improvements, quality of life and accessibility changes, and more.

If you played the Diablo 2: Resurrected alpha back when it kicked off in April and gave Blizzard some feedback on your experiences, chances are you’ve shaped a better final product.

In a post to the Battle.net blog, Blizzard starts by announcing that it has improved several art assets. Skills that have had their art updated include Lightning and Blizzard – two Sorceress abilities – and the Paladin ability Holy Freeze. Blizzard says that it has also updated the visual effects that show when monsters are damaged or immobilized by spells, poisons, or other gameplay mechanics, so those should be more obvious in the future.

Other quality of life updates include a toggleable item compare tooltip (also under user interface settings), an automap feature that lets you view a “faint overlay” of your current level by pressing Tab, and streamlined map settings for a left, right, and center-aligned minimap. There’s also a clock now – because you don’t want to lose track of time in Hell – as well as temporary immunity after loading screens (including logging in) and, amusingly, some apparently excessive grunt sound effects have been removed based on player feedback.

There are a bunch of other changes and additions that will be implemented in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the much-requested Clock feature that will let you see the time in-game.

Characters will also no longer spawn in a hostile place until the game is fully loaded, and the team has “removed extra grunts and yelps that were initially added.”

Some UI elements are being overhauled, too: colors are being rethought to make things like potions stick out a bit more against their grey backgrounds, for example. A clock is also being added to make sure you can keep track of just how long you’re sinking into that hellish world.

This probably isn’t the only batch of changes we’ll see hit Diablo II Resurrected before its release date on September 23rd. In August, Blizzard will be hosting a closed beta for those who pre-ordered the game, and then it’ll open Diablo II Resurrected up for everyone through an open beta. Once both of those betas have run their course, we can probably expect new rounds of changes as Blizzard will likely be working with even more feedback from fans at that point.

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NBA 2K22 could be better than ever before

Anticipation for NBA 2K22 is building more and more as fans clamor for the first official news about this year’s release.The arrival of next-gen consoles in the past year has cranked the excitement up a notch too as the game could be better than ever before.

This includes MyNBA, The City, and a new MyPLAYER authoring system. Regardless, not much information about NBA 2K22 has been released to date, and the release date is expected to be around September 2021. Also, there are no trailers for the game / The trailer has been released so far, although several leaks of Twitter suggests that the cover stars for this year’s issue may already have been revealed.

Furthermore, the leak also seems to provide information on the special edition of the game, called NBA 75th Anniversary Edition, which will provide both old-gen and next-gen versions as well as 100,000 virtual credits for in-game purchases.

The PC remains the black sheep of the next gen
In addition to how PS4 and Xbox One are left behind as things go on, one unfortunate secondary victim has been PC gamers who like titles made primarily for consoles.
NBA 2K22
As the next generation started to catch on and the previous one was to add extra features to a next-generation version of a game that launches on both current and next-generation consoles, the PC was somehow integrated with the past rather than with the future.

This has been understandably frustrating for PC gamers, especially those who take PC gaming seriously, as the average modern gaming PC can easily be as powerful as the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, if not more powerful.

If NBA 2K22’s development follows the pattern of previous releases, players can expect an NBA 2K22 demo as early as August 2021.

This will give players ample time to try the game out, and if it mirrors the NBA 2K21 demo – will allow players to try out new MyPLAYER builds.

It should be noted that to date there has been no official announcement regarding the cover stars of NBA 2K22. NBA 2K21 saw Damian Lillard as the cover star, while Zion Williamson was cast as the cover athlete for the next-gen console versions of the game. Finally, the late LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was the cover athlete for the legendary version of NBA 2K22.

Take-Two and 2K have not yet shown the world the next iteration of the series, but it could be a matter of days: last year the cover athletes of NBA 2K21 were officially revealed in the month of July, so it would not be a surprise that also this year they decided to repeat the same timing.

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Aion Classic’s battle pass costs three times as much as Fortnite’s and runs one third of the time

Time to relive the glory of the past and choose a side in the battle between the forces of light and darkness in Aion Classic. Beginning today, players can experience the vaunted MMORPG as it launched in 2009, but with some added quality of life improvements. Aion Classic puts players in the role of Daeva – ascended beings imbued with the ability to control Aether, the source of power in Atreia. Players can take on one of the original four player classes, and explore the land, defeat the monsters of the realm, or partake in faction PvP combat. Beginning today, players will receive a free week of subscription for Aion Classic. For full details, visit the official website: aionclassic.com

This is evidenced by the huge crowd that arose right after the servers were opened. In extreme cases, people had to queue up to 30,000, although normally it was between 5,000 and 15,000.

UPDATE: as our user reports: “Those queues going up to 30k was a mistake. Until now, the most characters online were 5575 on Siel and 2982 on Israphel. Currently the servers have a cap of 9000 for Siel and 6000 for Israphel.”

Aion Classic will feature a subscription-based model for players as well as a free-to-play option. When purchasing Siel’s Aura for real money, players will be able to purchase recurring memberships for 30 or 90 days. A 3-day pass is also available for players, for those who want a more casual approach. The free player option is available to everyone, but these players will gain experience more slowly than subscribers.

The general going price for a battle pass is $10 in the industry. Roughly. Fortnite’s battle pass is about $10, as are many other games. Aion’s battle pass is $30. Thirty dollarydoos for a pass that contains 45 levels worth of rewards and runs for one single month. To put that in perspective, Aion Classic’s battle pass costs three times as much as Fortnite’s and runs one third of the time with not nearly as much work put into creating the rewards. NCSoft expects players to spend $360 annually on just the pass, plus an additional $180 on the subscription.

Aion Classic features:

Subscription-based Model: As in days of yore, Aion Classic will be subscription based. Players can purchase Siel’s Aura, which unlocks full experience gain, and the ability to acquire useful in-game currency and items.
Four Player Classes: In Aion Classic, only the original four player classes are available to players – Warrior, Scout, Priest, and Mage. Each class has two unique ascensions.
Level 50 Player Cap: Aion Classic features slower progression, dungeons from days gone, and a return to hunting zones of the past. Take to the skies with wings to explore the massive world of Atreia.

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Blizzard has lowered the price of a cloned World of Warcraft Classic character

World of Warcraft Classic is about to enter The Burning Crusade, and that means splitting the throwback MMO’s servers between the new expansion and a pure, vanilla experience. But if you wanted to clone a character between both, Blizzard was hoping to charge you a fairly hefty $35 fee.

The cost has in fact been lowered to € 15. Here is how the change was justified on the official forum, in the words of Kaivax, community manager:

This service – giving the player a copy of their character on another game – is new to us. Initially, the pricing was based on how other optional items and services are already priced.

“However, over the last week or so, we’ve gotten a very large amount of feedback from the community, and we’ve decided to lower the price. A lower price will likely still accomplish our goals with the new service, while allowing many more players to explore the option of playing characters on both Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic realms.”

Of course, Blizzard can charge whatever they see fit for those kinds of services but having the whole launch of Burning Crusade Classic tagged as a “cash grab” by a huge number of players does not make any favor to the game, especially considering that you are already paying a subscription to play and that the content is not new at all. Whatever the case, Burning Crusade Classic is bound to be a success and there are a lot of players that have been preparing for its launch for weeks already. It does not seem that Blizzard is intending to launch patch 9.1 for Shadowlands anytime soon either, so it’s quite likely that a majority of World of Warcraft players will cross the Dark Portal again to visit Outland.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, we remind you, is currently in beta and will be officially released on June 1 at midnight Italian time, while the pre-expansion patch will be released on May 19. In addition, two premium packages will be available for purchase with the patch, the Dark Portal Pass for € 39 and the Deluxe Edition for € 69. However, the purchase of these editions is optional: it is in fact sufficient to pay the monthly fee to have access to all versions of World of Warcraft.

WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade arrives on June 1st, and players will get to choose which of their characters will step through the Dark Portal starting with patch. Thankfully, it should now be a little less expensive if you don’t want to commit a character one way or the other.

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The ePremier League announced that it has partnered with Tencent Sports

April 23 – The Premier League is is launching ePremier League in China this monthin partnership with it broadcast license holder Tencent Sports, Tencent Gaming and EA SPORTS.

Each of the 20 Premier League teams will be represented by two local players in the tournament. Players will be one high-ranking gamer and one influential content creator, according to the announcement.

In addition, the tournament will be streaming on Tencent-related video platform Tencent  Sports, Tencent Video, Tencent News, as well as live streaming platforms DouYu and Huya.

Will Brass, Commercial Director for the Premier League, commented: “The EA SPORTS FIFA Online 4 video game series is one of the key channels through which fans in Asia can engage with Premier League clubs and players.
ePremier League
“After three successful ePremier League season in the UK, it is exciting to now be able to take this overseas for the first time and particularly to China – a hotbed for gaming and football.”

The clubs will be divided into four groups of five teams, with the winners of each group advancing to a knockout stage. Group-stage matches will be played online, whereas knockout matches will be played offline at Wisdom Bay in Shanghai.

Group matches will take place between Wednesday 28 April and Saturday 8 May. The knockout phase will be held on Friday 14 May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 15 May.

FIFA Online 4 (FO4) on PC has more than 10million registered players in China. The Premier League says it has eight million followers across its digital and social platforms.

Esports Insider Says: After successful seasons of the ePremier League in the UK, it comes as no surprise to see the tournament expand overseas and utilise the Premier League’s reputation worldwide. Chinese FIFA Online 4 players will undoubtedly be excited to have the chance be able to represent well-known clubs in an official Premier League tournament.

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Diablo Immortal is blizzard mobile entry in the iconic action RPG franchise

At BlizzCon 2021, we’ve learned more about Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s mobile entry in the iconic action RPG franchise. After a technical alpha that ended in January, we’ve got a clearer view of how the game’s shaping up – and by the developers’ own accounts, Diablo Immortal is a mobile MMO with tone and gameplay in line with the franchise but could have a few tricks all its own.

Diablo Immortal gameplay and story
It may be a mobi gameit, but for the most part it will be the same Diablo you already know and love, albeit with controls designed to get the most out of a phone’s touchscreen rather than a mouse. or a controller.

Developed in cooperation between Blizzard and the Chinese developers of NetEase (the company that cooperates with Overwatch, Diablo 3 and Warcraft in China), the game will take place five years after the events of Diablo 2, and will explore this that happened after the destruction of Worldstone in this game, and the path taken to the dismal world of Diablo 3.

Gameplay works as expected for a mobile game. The left hand is controls movement and the right has a range of cooldown abilities and interaction options. Saviours of Sanctuary hack and slash through hordes and hordes of monsters as you delve into an adventure quite similar to Diablo 3. The mobile game also has Rifts and Challenge Rifts, throwing warriors into dungeons with a lust for blood and filling up a progress metre to unlock a final boss and gain great loot.

Diablo Immortal’s control system is also optimized for gamers who use mobile phones to control the character more easily. The top-down perspective is too familiar for the Diablo game series so far and creates a pleasant experience for the player when controlling his character.

As has been previously revealed, Diablo Immortal will be a free-to-play game with microtransactions, but players won’t be able to buy equipment, which will have to be looted traditionally, e.g. off the bodies of your foes. Instead, in-game purchases will let players buy gems and things related to charms. They’re also planning to have a battle pass system with free and paid tracks.

Diablo Immortal Trailers
Diablo Immortal made an appearance at a gaming convention in China called ChinaJoy, along with a brand new tape- announcement BlizzPlanet ). Over approximately two and a half minutes of footage, the trailer provides a preview of new models, the UI and Diablo 2 villain Baal makes a cameo appearance.

Surprisingly, Diablo Immortal isn’t as bad as we all thought so far. It’s working very for a technical mobile alpha (compared to other full-release games this year…) and actually provides quite a bit of fun.

Right now it’s only available for Australians on Android devices. If you’re one of the lucky few, why not jump into the Free to Play game and give it a shot?

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