Ankama already publishes Wakfu worldwide outside of North America

Wakfu, the free-to-play MMO from Ankama Games that’s at the center of a transmedia universe, will no longer be published by Square Enix in North America as of March 1, the companies announced today. The publishing rights will transfer to Ankama, the creator and developer of the Wakfu brand and video game. Ankama already publishes Wakfu worldwide outside of North America.

Square Enix will be handing full responsibility and control of the game in North American markets over to the game’s developer, Ankama Games, starting March 1, 2013. This control includes community management, customer support, promotion, sales, marketing, and all other live operation duties. All characters and progress will not be affected by the transition. Buy cheap Wakfu Kamas via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Our own Beau Hindman gave Wakfu his “The Bestest Ever” award for 2012 and the game has earned respect among many sandbox fans for its unique gameplay and mechanics. But recent layoffs at Square Enix had us all wondering how its MMO division would be affected. Despite claims to to the contrary less than a month ago, this is now a thing that is happening.

In France, Ankama’s Animation branch produced a cartoon series based on Wakfu, which will begin airing its second season next year. Square Enix hasn’t yet announced any plans to bring the TV show or other Wakfu-related properties to North America. Though Ankama’s titles aren’t that well-known in the States, its titles are extremely popular in French-speaking regions (e.g. France, Belgium, Switzerland) — Dofus alone has more than 35 million registered users. As of last April, 3.5 million of those users paid a $6.42 monthly fee to access all of the game’s content. If you want to know where to buy Wakfu Items, will be your best choice.

“Given our common knowledge of tactical fighting systems and engaging multiplayer experiences, Square Enix constitutes the ideal teammate for Ankama,” says Ankama’s CEO and co-founder Emmanuel Darras. “This teaming is a key factor for the success of Wakfu’s transmedia universe that includes the Wakfu TV series, the MMO, the trading card game, the manga, and the action figures.”