Goddess of Genesis has an official SEA version

Another popular game format on mobile platforms is RPG games and this event has an interesting game to leave. Okay, say that it is a good time to open a new mobile game from the camp. ZlongGames, which brings games like Goddess of Genesis, is released as a SEA.

Of course, this game was released on our Thailand store with both the Google Play Store and the App Store. After the previous registration was announced, the official opening date was announced. It is another game that “follow the match” has no postponement. Besides that, anyone who pre-registered will receive the item. A random summon card for 10 more heroes is available for fans of the game to find free SSRs for free.

Goddess of Genesis is an RPG mobile game that features heroes or legends. That exist around the world to be adapted in a cartoon style anime style with beautiful lines For example, Lucifer, Annie, Athena, Gabriel, and many others, including a mix of fantasy, so we can see that in the game there will be different races. Many besides humans, such as, elves, wolves, dragons and other tribes. Plenty of more in 3D. Beautiful high resolution graphics. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Goddess of Genesis Starstone Top Up, you can visit our website z2u.com.

In addition to the characters in 3D format, when using the Ultimate skill, there will be a spectacular cut scene with the main content within the game, it is an adventure based on the story. PVP mode and challenge other daily dungeons. Many more to keep you enjoying the game all day long.

Personally, games like Goddess of Genesis are interesting games due to their presentation in style. Anime (Anime) Japanese manga style that personal tastes like games like this already. It makes it more playful. It also depends on the preferences of each gamer. On the other hand, anyone who likes to play RPG-style games, arranging a team of characters, has a beautiful effect in releasing the skills of these characters. As for the details of the Character Character, they are well detailed. The hero in the game, clear 3D images, more than 100,000 pixels every A character with a unique character according to legend.