How to complete Rulebreakers fifa 22 Dani Parejo SBC

EA Sports added an 88-rated Rulebreakers version of Daniel Parejo from Villarreal to FIFA 22 on Nov. 6. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in the game.

EA Sports has done a good job with the Squad Building Challenge items released during Rulebreakers. Especially in midfield considering Christopher Nkunku, Marco Verratti and now Daniel Parejo are all strong items. Parejo provides valuable links to items like Jesus Navas, Inaki Williams and more.

Parejo isn’t exactly the quickest player in LaLiga, but this Rulebreakers will make him one of the fastest on the pitch with 87 overall Pace. That’s an increase of 37 from his regular gold card.

FIFA 22: How to complete Rulebreakers Dani Parejo SBC
To complete this SBC, FIFA 22 players will need to finish two separate segments. Both come with their own set of unique requirements to keep in mind while you’re constructing the team. Here are the requirements:

Rulebreakers SBC

HALLOWEEN Players: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 83
Team Chemistry: Min 75
# of players in the Squad: 11
Cost: 21,300-23,300 Coins
Reward: Premium Electrum Players pack

LaLiga SBC
# of players from LaLiga Santander: Min 1
IF Players: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 85
Team Chemistry: Min 65
# of players in the Squad: 11
Cost: 59,600-69,000 Coins
Reward: Rare Mixed Players pack

This SBC costs around 94,150 FUT coins on PlayStation, 99,450 on Xbox, and 101,100 on PC. If you want to complete this Rulebreakers Parejo SBC, you’ll have until Nov. 13 to turn in two squads: Rulebreakers and LaLiga.

Parejo boasts solid stats in all categories meaning players can choose a chemistry style for how they want him to operate. A Shadow or Anchor turns him into a versatile defensive midfielder, while an attacking boost makes him a top attacking player. His acceleration should make him feel quick on the ball, and he’s got a four-star weak foot. The only downside to the card is a lack of traits such as Outside Foot Shot or Finesse Shot.

This challenge is set to expire on November 13.

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FIFA 22 with an average of 89 million matches being played per day

With FIFA 22 now almost a month old, EA has shared some of the amazing feats it’s been able to pull off. According to a recent blog, the sports title has averaged 89 million matches per day since launch and players have already managed to rack up 87.8 million years of gameplay. It has also been played in more than 200 nations worldwide and over 5 billion goals have been scored so far.

“The growth of our global football platform continues at an unprecedented pace, and our fantastic community is engaging at an unparalleled level. We’re excited to continue that momentum by providing the most immersive football gaming experiences available to fans anywhere in the world,” said David Jackson, VP Brand, EA SPORTS FIFA. “Alongside hundreds of licensing partners, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, UEFA, and CONMEBOL, we’re privileged to create the world’s most authentic interactive football platform, enabling over 150 million fans across the globe to connect with their favourite leagues, clubs and players.”

To date, in Career mode they have been 3.1 million new custom clubs created and 2.1 million players have tried this mode, Pro Club records instead seen 57.7 million games played and 326.0000 female avatars created while Volta Football generated 1.5 million avatars, over 15 million games played and involved 11.2 million players.

FIFA 22 – the first 22 days in numbers

EA’s game has already been played in more than 200 nations worldwide.
An average of 89 million matches was played each day, adding up to 2.1 billion matches and 46 trillion minutes played overall. This is equivalent to over 87.8 million years of gameplay.
More than 5 billion goals have been scored so far.
2.1 million players have engaged with the game’s Career Mode and made 3.1 million new custom clubs via Create Your Club.
The Pro Clubs game mode has witnessed over 57.7 million matches, and over 326k female avatars were created.
1.5 million avatars have been customized for VOLTA FOOTBALL, more than 21 million matches have been played, and over 11.2 million players have participated in arcade party games.

FIFA 22 launched on October 1st giving players the opportunity to experience revolutionary next-gen HyperMotion gameplay technology on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia™. FIFA 22 also features innovation across all game modes including VOLTA FOOTBALL Arcade Tournaments, all-new FIFA Ultimate Team™ Heroes, and much more.

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