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Pokemon Go has easily become one of the most popular mobile apps available. But while it remains prominent among its multitude of players, the app itself contains gameplay concepts that aren’t easy to understand or engage with at first. To help you better understand the intricacies of Pokemon Go, we’ve compiled all of our guides containing the essential tips, tricks, and strategies you need to better your experience.

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Essential Tips and Tricks
There’s a bevy of strategies to consider as you play Pokemon Go. To help you be the best trainer there ever was, we’ve collated all the essential tips and tricks you need to know. Check out our in-depth guide for the full rundown. Otherwise, watch the video below for a brief overview of tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction

Pokemon Go Guide
In Pokemon Go, increasing your trainer level is the best way to raise your chances of encountering powerful Pokemon. While you can level at a decent pace just by playing the game, there are ways to streamline the process, effectively maximizing the experience points (XP) you gain. To help in your efforts to level, we’ve compiled the most important steps you need to take

Here Are the Best Pokemon in Every Category
Pokemon Go resource tool The Silph Road has compiled an impressive amount of data on the monster-catching mobile game, such as how you can earn experience and what earning each trainer level gets you. Here’s how you can access the site, as well as more details on the information you can obtain from it.

How to Request New Pokemon Go PokeStops and Gyms
Don’t have many PokeStops and Gyms near you? You can fill out a form requesting for a local business or landmark to become a PokeStop or Gym

The Secret Method to Evolve Eevee
There’s a secret cheat that allows you to force any Eevee in your possession to evolve into either a Flareon, Vaporeon, or a Jolteon. Watch the video above for the full details on how to trigger this handy trick.

Here’s What Pokemon Go’s Microtransactions Get You
Pokemon Go is a free mobile app but it features an in-game shop that allows you to buy Poke Coins using real money to purchase useful items. Check out everything you can purchase as well as the Poke Coin conversation rates.

more and more functions of Pokemon Go have been Cracked arouse

As the pokemon go becomes popular, The news that the code of pokemon go may have been Cracked arouse our interests. Here are some news about it: Pokemon go

Firstly, there may add the functions of trade elf’s between players, through the official do not Announce this temporal, we can find some codes about this functions such as: trade-search; trade-offer; trade-response; trade-result and so on. It allows the players propose the quest that exchange their elf.

Secondly, Legendary elf may comes out, although the accident of the freezing bird has a bad result, but some players find another code is “active-catch-legend-pokemon. This codes show the official may release the legend elf again.

Third, more useful props such as: item-incense-cool, item-incense-flora; item-effectcap-chance-night, item-effectcap-chance-trainer; item-effectcap-chance-first-throw and so on these codes show it allows the players according to the grade to decide the ratio that catch pokemon.

All in all , let us enjoy the game and looking forwards to more useful functions.

Man caught for playing Pokemon GO while driving in Vaughan

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which use VR technology. The game blurs the boundaries between the virtual space and real space. You can catch virtual creatures which is called Pokemon with your phones. More and more people are addicted in it. Since its launch, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile apps, reportedly having been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. The game encourage people go oustside and chasing after Pokemon, you can see more people in the street and staring at their phone screen for looking for Pokemon.

When you encounteer a Pokemon, you should throw your Poke ball to catch it and incense is used to allure Pokemon. You can get items and Poke balls in Pokestops and gyms are used to train Pokemon. Pokémon Go Pokestops and gyms are set in public area, such as libraries and parks. But some are set in personal are, many residents complain it. The Pokemon Go app superimposes a virtual world that can only be seen on one’s phone over city maps, meaning that players have to move about in the real world in order to discover all the creatures and virtual locations in the game.

There is no telling where the creatures might appear and that has led to a number of bizarre incidents worldwide where players have gone in search of virtual creatures, sometimes in places that are dangerous or inappropriate. What’s more, the game is too popular that some people pay less attention to their personal security and do not obey the social rules. A Vaughan man who was trying to “catch them all” was caught himself when a police helicopter noticed his vehicle driving around Vaughan in an erratic pattern in the middle of the night. Cheap Pokemon Go Account York Regional Police said their Air2 chopper spotted a Mercedes sedan driving suspiciously in the area of Keele Street and Teston Road on Aug. 8 at around 3:20 a.m.

The helicopter followed the car and tracked its movements as it drove in a strange fashion before stopping at a parking lot and a local park. Police on the ground eventually stopped the vehicle near Saint Joan of Arc Avenue and Drummond Drive and discovered that the man had been tracking virtual creatures on the Pokemon Go app. The man was let off with a stern warning about distracted driving, police said. “York Regional Police would like to remind members of the public and players that any distraction while driving or walking on or near roadways can be hazardous,” police said.

“Citizens are urged to be aware of their surroundings and that large groups of people gathering in areas across our region could be Pokemon GO players.” While a number of social media users voiced outrage that the driver didn’t face charges, police said it would have been up to the officer on the scene to make the call and that he would not have seen the chopper video when he stopped the driver. Police also told CP24 that an admission would not have been sufficient to lay a charge and that police would have had to see the man holding the phone in order to lay a distracted driving charge.


Basic glossary in Pokémon Go: Part One

It’s said that the server of Pokémon Go in mainland has formally set up and the mainland players can play the popular Pokémon Go to catch cute Pokémon in the soon future. But there are still somebody don’t know what is Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a game which can explore capture, combat and exchange Pokémon in real world.

It is the production of augmented reality (AR) pet raising arcade RPG hand tour which developed by Nintendo, Pokémon Company Niantic Labs and Google jointly. Pokemon Go Account For Sale It’s useful to blur the boundaries between virtual space and real space. For the preheating of Pokémon Go, we can learn the glossary in Pokémon Go.


You acquire Candy by catching Pokémon, hatching Eggs, and transferring Pokémon to the Professor. Candy is used to evolve and strengthen Pokémon.


Stardust is acquired by catching Pokémon, hatching Eggs, and earning the Defender bonus. It is used to Power Up Pokémon.

Combat Power (CP)

A Pokémon’s attack strength is measured in units of Combat Power. A Pokémon’s CP determines how well it will perform in battle.


Using Stardust and Candy, Trainers can power up their Pokémon to increase their CP and HP. The candies awarded by a successful catch depend on what evolutionary chain a Pokémon belongs to. Pokemon Go Account For Sale A player can use stardust and candies to raise a Pokémon’s “combat power” (CP). However, only candies are needed to evolve a Pokémon. Each Pokémon evolution tree has its own type of candy, which can only be used to evolve or level up. The player can also transfer the Pokémon back to the Pokémon professor to earn one more candy and create room for more Pokémon.


Trainers are people who play Pokémon GO.


Pokémon Eggs are items that can be found at PokéStops. Once you place an Egg in an incubator and walk a specific distance, the Egg will hatch into a Pokémon.

Lucky Egg

You can double the amount of XP you earn in a certain amount of time by using a Lucky Egg.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon that have not been caught are known as wild Pokémon.

Experience Points (XP)

Your advancement is measured in Experience Points (XP). Increase your XP to advance to higher Trainer levels.

Hit Points (HP)

A Pokémon’s health is measured in Hit Points (HP).

A Pokémon with zero HP faints. Use a Revive or Max Revive item to revive fainted Pokémon.


There are various Potions you can use to heal Pokémon. These items restore their HP (Hit Points).


Incense attracts wild Pokémon to your location with its aromatic scent.


Placing an Egg into an incubator allows it to hatch into a Pokémon as you walk.

Above glossary is a part basic glossary in Pokémon Go. Pokemon Go Account Online If you want to play the game, you should have a basic understanding of them. The rest of basic glossary we will talk about in the next passage.

RuneScape was in a position to support the Old School RuneScape servers

Kemp told us that the RuneScape team was in a position to support the runescape gold Old School RuneScape servers when the idea first came about; while he said it still “takes balls” to actually launch a retro-style version of a game, the developer weighed its options and ability to do so and figured out a way to make it work. Other studios might have come to a different conclusion, he said. And by ‘you’ we mean the community guy that we got to pick the cards for us, to make sure we beat the other journo we were playing.

Jagex closed the RSC forums to non-RSC players, but has since been reopened. He did too, selecting the various buffs and debuffs to ensure we also took chunks out of the other player’s health and squeaked a narrow victory. At the time it all seemed to make some sort of sense, which is pretty good going for a first go, and we came away quite impressed. If you want to try it yourself the open beta starts on March 23, and you can sign-up for it here. Gone are the Java-based visuals familiar to longtime players; as seen above, the free-to-play MMO sports a new look.

Despite launching the update, the team behind RuneScape is still dedicated its more nostalgic players. Old School RuneScape continues to run concurrently with the main game, offering a version that looks much the same as it did nearly 10 years ago at its height. Including staff and the fanbase — the majority voted to introduce the server. It’s since achieved success on both a business level and with players, something Kemp recently detailed in an analysis of the legacy server business model. We’re going to be honest, we didn’t really want to attend an event for the 15th anniversary of RuneScape.

Despite all the talk of hundreds of millions of players we’ve never known a single person who’s played or even talked about RuneScape. But the game has achieved quite the milestone, and developer Jagex are now the biggest independent developer in the UK. So we dragged ourselves along, in the hope at least of a few free vol-au-vents*, and came away surprised, bemused, and intrigued by some truly unconventional game offerings.

There was little chance this wasn’t going to be on here, really. The ThunderCats franchise has actually been served well by video games in the past – there’s an excellent Atari/Commodore 64 platformer starring Lion-O and the gang – but less so by its current IP holder, Warner, which has run the series into the ground with a terrible reboot cartoon. Just as Platinum used generation one Transformers as the jumping off point for Devastation, we’d love to see a brawler starring the original characters.

Naturally, parrying and dealing out enough damage would cheap rs gold trigger an unblockable animation sequence in which Lion-O swings his sword repeatedly before yelling “ThunderCats, hooooo!” and killing every single enemy on screen. We know a lot of players take a big, long break from MMOs,” Ogilvie added. “Then they come back to their game that they’ve invested thousands of hours into, they log in and they don’t understand what’s going on. They’re going to be alienated by it.

Who’s decision was it to close RuneScape

From Runescape first looked like a low-effort Hearthstone-clone, the folks at Jagex have crafted something wholly different from the other entries in the genre. In Chronicle you’ll be using cards as a way to tell the story of your hero, or Legend, while simultaneously the cards you face can each have some effect on your opponent. The basic aim is to buff your Runescape Legend over the course of a round in order to give them an advantage during direct duels with your opponent’s Legend. What purpose are events if you’re killing the server anyways?

We didn’t want to just shut the Runescape servers down and have it slowly die off over the month. We all have fond memories of the times we’ve had in RuneScape and we feel like going out with a bang. Will we get the cape on the RuneScape character, or any character we choose? We will need to cheap rs gold do this on a case by case basis but if you let us know what character you want it on and we can verify that the two accounts are linked via our back end tools we will happily award the cape on to the other account.

Who’s decision was it to close RuneScape? It was a joint decision from all involved on RuneScape based on past/present/future statistics and how viable it was to keep it running. Yesterday we already reported on how Kern had stated that he would personally deliver a recent legacy server petition to Runescape, if the petition would harvest 200K supporters. Old School RuneScape, an officially run legacy server created by Jagex, opened in early 2013 following a fan vote.

The developer opened up the poll at the request of fans who made their desires to play the older version of the game they’d grown up with known to the team. If we can get 200k sigs on this petition, I will personally send it to Mike Morhaime. But if we’re going to convince Blizzard, we need more than 100k. 100k is well, not enough to move them. My guess is that if Nostalrius can do 850k signups, then there are probably a couple million who would do legacy”, Kern told PCInvasion.

The petition was started by the Nostalrius Begins team following a cease and desist letter from Blizzard. You never see anyone anymore and the people you meet are soon forgotten in your next group. Old servers had community, we worked really hard to make sure it was a social experience. Old servers would bring back community, bring back friends, and be a far “stickier” experience that will retain players longer, because social bonds are what keep people re-subbing and playing”, Kern told PCInvasion.

It’s an interesting formula and seems to fit somewhere between deck-building and normal competitive variants. Each round is on a double-page spread of a beautifully tactile tabletop book, the titular Chronicle. When both Legends make it through the round they face each other and deal direct damage before the next round gets underway. Different Legends bring their own playstyles into the fold, resulting in rs gold for sale some great variation where viable decks are concerned.

Runescape players will experience both old and new features

The event is called GameBlast16. It will be broadcast live on Twitch from the Cambridge HQ of Runescape developer Jagex. Activities include the 1,000 litre gunging of the Runescape dev team, who will also host the festivities. They’ll get a dunking every time an extra £5,000 is raised. And now, with 156 million (is there even that many people!?) accounts, its users are set to experience a new look RuneScape, rs gold for sale as Jagex Games apply some tender loving care to their beloved website.

The 10 million active monthly users will experience both old and new features. These include the RuneScape Wiki manual which has been transferred over to the new community-editable wiki. And don’t worry if you’ve avoided Wiki edits like the plague, because there’s a handy guide up there for users too, (they really have thought of everything)! Also on the cards are auctions for exclusive collectables and tech items, while a number of streamers will be present including B0aty, Skillspecs, Dardan, and Justice.

That won’t last. Last month, Wargaming announced that its hugely popular free-to-play massive multiplayer online tank battle game World of Tanks would be coming to the Xbox One. Sony has a burgeoning free-to-play market, with 16 titles already launched across all PlayStation platforms and more in the pipeline. The popular open-world zombie survival game H1Z1 is coming to PS4 later this year. And Nintendo has rolled out many free-to-play games on its 3DS platform. Part of the reason why the story resonated with viewers so much centered around a personal tragedy McCormick talked about.

Since his mother had passed away in September, McCormick and his family were not going to do much to celebrate Christmas. We are highly evolving the game graphically and technically in the New Year. And we have already increased the quality and quantity of content we are putting into the game. You have seen some significant changes in the last year, the evolution of the combat has redefined the game itself. The overall game experience is more refined and more engaging.

I really see 2013 as a real red letter year for Runescape, there will be some real significant content and technology and you’ll see our marketing go on another step. Runescape is very unique, it is a game that has been around for so long, but it has an incredible player base. Jagex was there first and it is still there. runescape gold We have contenders, but we are really proud of what Runescape is and where it is going to go.

Got a game world event planned and having trouble remembering or recruiting players? Problem solved. Use the nifty events section allowing clans and individual members of the community to post quests and special activities. And to make sure people turn up on time, push a pin into the events map…easy! The new front page of RuneScape will feature a media and social networking activity feed which ensures up to the minute game information is readily available at your fingertips.

Old School RuneScape will also join in an entire new continent

Old School RuneScape will also join in the revelry with the launch of an entire new continent, Zeah, which will be introduced in three parts throughout 2016. Old runescape gold School — a retro version of the MMORPG — will also reach its three-year milestone. RuneScape: Idle Adventures, which will be taking place in the next few weeks. This closed beta event will be held on Steam so you will need a Steam account to be able to take part. We want to hear from those of you who are willing to give us feedback and help shape this game while it’s in an early beta stage.

The new technology runescape gold game client that visuals will take RuneScape to a new level of accuracy will also be shown along with four tasks that the epic story of God wars that began in 2013, concludes a new skill – the invention – will be displayed on the game, giving players weapons and armor, adapt and make it more technically advanced. Furthermore, an eSports tournament using the game’s recently launched Deadman Mode will take place at the end of March 2016.

Additional details on this will follow early in the New Year. Players will be able to siphon charges from the item as long as it has charges. Once the item has reached the maximum item level that the player has unlocked and has no charges then it will become broken and it will only be possible to dissassemble it. The ability to augment tier 90 degradeable equipment, including armour as well as shields and defenders, will be added.

Tune in to our RuneScape Twitch channel on Tuesday 5th January at 17:00 UTC for a special hour-long stream with Andrew and Paul Gower! We will be looking back at 15 years’ worth of RuneScape history, the 15th birthday documentary and the upcoming Gower Quest due for release later this year. You’ll soon start to cheap rs gold notice some of Party Pete’s modifications around Gielinor, including festive bunting in the GE, lanterns on trees, and new logos on the lodestones. Other than Party Pete going a bit wild with the party decorations, there is also a birthday version of The Drop, a 15th Anniversary garden, a unique party buff, as well as a handful of special items, overrides and emotes all to be unlocked.

This will apply to Refined Anima Core armour, tectonic, sirenic, and malevolent armour. Inferior player-owned port and Raids armour are not going to be made augmentable at this time. To augment degradeable items players will have to use an augmentor as well as divine charges on a new, unworn item. This will give the item its own charge – charges from the player’s charge pack will not be used up while using the item. It will not be possible to add more charges to an item’s specific charge pack after it has been created but it will be possible to use an item even if it does not have charges. Dying with an augmented degradeable item will cause it to lose 10% of its charge.

The time taken for the augmented items to degrade will be roughly the same as their non-augmented forms. Disassembling augmented degradeable items will return attached gizmos to the player, if the item’s level is high enough to grant this benefit. Disassembling Refined Anima Core armour which has been augmented will return the player regular Anima Core armour as well as components. In addition to the two established franchise titles in the, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will also be released on PC, Mac, Linux and iPad. In February, a new feature-length documentary about RuneScape will detail its creation, and the impact it has had on the MMORPG genre and wider UK games industry since launch.

The competitive card game RuneScape MMO

RuneScape Legends – the competitive card game based on the award-winning RuneScape MMO, will leave open beta and launch in full on May 26, developer Jagex has announced. Not just a traditional card game in the same vein as Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Chronicle tasks players with playing cards that bestow buffs on their ‘Hero,’ which are encountered as they progress across the story book-inspired board. A few months back, I wrote about Chronicle: Runescape Legends, an upcoming cross-platform CCG that promises an interesting twist on the genre formula. runescape gold While the iOS version is still in the works with no release date yet, the PC version is coming along nicely and it’s giving us a taste of what’s to come on our mobile devices.

Card games seem to be everywhere right now, from the behemoths of the collectible card game genre like Hearthstone to the skeuomorphic notion of opening packs of cards in games like FIFA. In fact, I’d hesitate to bundle it in with the rest of the CCG genre, as to me it feels like more like a board game. Take a turn in Hearthstone and you’ll be using mana points to play cards from your hand, directing your minions in play to attack the opposing cards, and ultimately try to deal damage directly to your opponent.

Chronicle, turns this on its head, so that instead of battling your opponent directly, buy rs gold your hero is adventuring and fighting against the cards in your own deck. Each turn takes place across two pages in a magical tome, with environments and locations from the RuneScape universe popping into existence for you to adventure across. It borrows from the look and feel of a board game, so that while you and your opponent sit across from one another on the table, you’re represented in this game by figures on model bases.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends sits somewhere between these two, fully justifying Jagex’ assertion that this is different to other CCGs. It really is more than lip service. We’d like to thank the many tens of thousands of cunning card tacticians who have helped us in open beta with feedback to refine the Chronicle’s unique CCG gameplay mechanics,” he continued. “For our existing open beta players, and anyone who signs up over the weekend, we’re offering up three free card packs so they can build their decks ready to take on new rivals at launch

Yesterday, the game went into open Beta on the PC, and you can go get a taste of the game (if you have a PC). As every quest chapter opens, a rich environment is revealed with four slots for card placement, each representing a step forward and action point in the adventure. In the role of their chosen Legend, players select up to four cards from their deck and place them in the landscape to lock in sequence. Decks can be a mix of Support and Enemy cards, each with an action and specific values.

In Chronicle, the cards are players’ greatest weapons and weaknesses. Like any great role playing game, players slay monsters, bosses and other foes to gain loot. Unlike other card games, players battle their own cards, not their opponents. Even if you aren’t interested in the PC version, you might still want to go and secure your display name before all the good ones (or silly ones) are taken. The open beta announcement came more or less on schedule, which is a good sign in terms of the game’s development rate. So, hopefully the game will come out soon on PC so the developers can focus on getting it our on mobile, too.

Defending is the vital tools in FIFA 17

There isn’t really a need to spend much time going over the controls in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, because they’re pretty self-explanatory. The thumbstick moves your selected player, while buttons on the other side of the screen are context-sensitive and clearly labeled as to what they do under the current circumstances. FIFA 17 has a slower pace in comparison with the latest issue in the series, so people might be a bit confused about the way they should run to the goal, especially in the midfield. While in FIFA 17 you could make a long series of passes without being intercepted by your opponent, this year we have a much more physical game, That puts your nerve under a tough test.

Let’s take a look at how you can win the passing game, then, in the following list of tips. Defending is the vital tools to stop opponent with confidence in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Our attacking is various, but defending decided whether or not you can get points in the game. At any time in FIFA 17, we should prevent defending mistakes to lost ball. Move with flexible as a defender which rely on your team to defend as a unit and your back line to track menacing runs to create balance between attacking & defending. Preparing your Best Defense is on of the way to win matches in FIFA 17.Now, this article aim to introduce the tips of basic defending and advanced defending in FIFA 17.

For the first time since maybe PES 2008 FIFA have a real competitor and this is fantastic news because it seems to have brought the best out of them. FIFA 16 felt like a pivotal moment in the timeline of EA as a company and the end result is sure to delight both fans and the developers. This a proper simulation in every aspect, you have to work to score goals, you can’t just ease your way through games. Victories over your opponents, be it in kick-off, Career Mode or Ultimate Team, feel much more meaningful and this is on top of the unrivaled authenticity.

As the game’s tagline suggests, now you really can play beautiful. fifa 17 coins for sale What has changed is that it’s much harder for people to arbitrarily waggle the trick stick and ghost through defences. Expert players are opining that the main difference with staple tricks is exit speed, the point at which a player changes from trick animation back to standard traversal – which was faster in FIFA 17. By slow down the execution of tricks (and the post-animation transition back into conventional movement) by a whisker.

FIFA’s developers have made it easier for individual defenders to compete against show ponies. It’s also clear that player agility in possession has been reduced across the board, making it harder to dribble past multiple opponents, while defender mobility has been slightly increased. The office said it had begun ‘searches and interviews’ on Thursday and that the criminal probe was opened in response to two specific criminal complaints made during an investigation into his FIFA tenure by FIFA’s ethics committee.

Valcke, who was cheap fifa 17 coins Blatter’s right-hand man for nearly a decade, was sacked in January and banned from football for 12 years over misconduct in television deals and World Cup ticket sales. The widening investigation highlighted the battle faced by new FIFA president Gianni Infantino who has promised reform and transparency. The one exception is the “Tackle” button, which is the red one when you are defending. Tapping the button makes your current player stick out his leg to attempt a normal tackle. It can also be used to perform slide tackles, but for that you’ll have to tap, hold and slide your thumb in the direction that you want to slide.