J.R. Smith is not satisfied with his jumper in NBA 2K18

J.R. Smith isn’t afraid to speak his mind about much of anything. He’s called out athletes who criticize Colin Kaepernick for no apparent reason. He’s also spoken honestly about the fact that he’s been relegated to the bench in favor of Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade in Cleveland this year.

His honesty is an asset, especially for fans of NBA 2K18 that feel his character’s jump shot isn’t responsive enough to a user’s touch. Smith addressed his jumper in the video game on Twitter on Saturday, saying it simply isn’t right.
A fan mentioned him on the social media site on Saturday and the Cavaliers reserve guard became a voice of the people, retweeting a 2K gamer who said he had to fix his jump shot technique after the game was updated.

“It’s getting to be to much,” Smith tweeted. “It’s crazy every update we have to check our jump shot.”

Others agreed with Smith’s annoyance, and he kept retweeting people and pointed out that he can’t even use his jumper in its current state.

It seems like Smith doesn’t like the pressure sensitivity on his shot, and he’s not alone.

It seems like Smith is a big gamer, and there are plenty of people who grapple with things like this when the game is updated. He definitely made some fans by pointing it out on Saturday.

“Voice of the people,” Smith said on Saturday. We’ll see if further updates do anything to make him happier about his character, or maybe he’ll take Joel Embiid’s advice and dominate with The Process instead.

Irvin first NHL coach to win 600 games

1953: Dick Irvin becomes the first coach in NHL history to win 600 games when the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 at Chicago Stadium.

Irvin coached two seasons with the Blackhawks and nine with the Toronto Maple Leafs when he’s hired by the Canadiens in 1940. He guides Montreal to the Stanley Cup three times the last one in the spring of 1953.

Irvin coaches the Canadiens through the 1954-55 season then returns to the Blackhawks for one season before retiring in 1956 with a record of 692-527-230 including 431-313-152 with Montreal.

1957: Rookie Bobby Hull scores the first goal of his NHL career to help the Blackhawks defeat the Boston Bruins 2-1 at Chicago Stadium. He beats goaltender Don Simmons at 16:00 of the first period for an unassisted goal. Hull finishes his NHL career with 610 goals.

1980: Rookie defenseman Paul Coffey scores his first NHL goal in the Edmonton Oilers’ 5-3 victory against the Calgary Flames at Northlands Coliseum. Coffey finishes his NHL career with 396 goals second to Ray Bourque all-time among defensemen and is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004.
1986: Mario Lemieux scores twice in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 5-4 overtime victory against the Buffalo Sabres to reach the 100-goal mark early in his third NHL season. It’s the seventh straight win from the start of the season for the Penguins one short of the NHL record (at that time) shared by Toronto (1934-35) and Buffalo (1975-76).

Exactly six years later Lemieux gets his 28th NHL hat trick and has two assists for a five-point night in Pittsburgh’s 9-6 victory against the Detroit Red Wings at the Civic Arena.

1999: Grant Fuhr becomes the sixth goaltender in NHL history to win 400 games when Derek Morris scores 20 seconds into overtime to give the Flames a 3-2 road victory against the Florida Panthers.

2002: Patrick Roy of the Colorado Avalanche ties Terry Sawchuk’s NHL record for career appearances by playing in his 971st game a 3-3 tie against the Oilers at Pepsi Center. He finishes his career with 1,029 appearances then an NHL record.

On the same night Cliff Ronning scores in overtime to give the Minnesota Wild a 4-3 victory against the Flames. The victory ends an 18-game winless streak in overtime (0-11-7) for the Wild dating to March 2001.

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FIFA 18,Developers comment on criticism of communication with the community

19.10.2017 um 19:36 Uhr FIFA 18 ist seit Ende September auf dem Markt und hat durch ein Update teils harsche Kritik aus der Community geerntet, die nicht nur Balancing-Änderungen moniert, sondern auch den Umgang der Entwickler mit dem Feedback und allen voran im Hinblick auf die Kommunikation. Ein Entwickler des Spiels hat hierzu nun privat Stellung bezogen.

Das Anfang Oktober für FIFA 18 veröffentlichte Update auf Version 1.03 hat für großen Ärger bei vielen Spielern gesorgt, auch vor dem Hintergund angeblich mangelhafter Kommunikation mit der Community seitens der Entwickler, wozu nun ein Senior Game Designer der Fußballsimulation auf Reddit.com Stellung bezogen hat. Demnach würden sich die Entwickler durchaus mit dem Feedback auf der Plattform beschäftigen, jedoch nicht viel interagieren, da es schwer sei mit den Meldungen mitzuhalten, es jede Menge Arbeit gebe und die aktive Aufarbeitung dadurch nur enttäuschen würde.
Als weiteren Punkt führt der Entwickler an, dass man vor allem nach konstruktivem Feedback anhand von Videos und Beispielen mit klarer Kommunikation suche, während ein schlechter Umgangston nicht zielführend sei und zunehmendes Spamming und Co. ihn persönlich demotivieren würden, sich der Sache anzunehmen. Darüber hinaus agieren die Entwickler bei der Nachbesserung auf Basis von Berichten und Daten, was nicht immer übereinstimme und dementsprechend Arbeit in Anspruch nehme. Außerdem ließen es die Unternehmensrichtlinien für die Entwickler nicht immer zu, bestimmte Ankündigungen frühzeitig zu tätigen. Abseits dessen befürwortet der Senior Game Designer die Idee eines Mega-Threads auf Reddit.com anstatt vieler Unterkategorien, jedoch solle die Community selbst darüber entscheiden.

Zum Abschluss scherzt der Entwickler noch, dass sein Sohn gerade aufgewacht sei und versuche sein Telefon zu klauen und schließt daher mit wohlwollendem Gruß an die Community. Deren Reaktion fällt unterdessen gemischt aus und so wird etwa moniert, dass es im offiziellen Forum seit über einer Woche einen Top-Thread mit konstruktiver Kritik in Form von Schilderungen und Bildmaterial gibt, jedoch dahingehend nichts von EA adressiert wurde.

Madden NFL 18 one formation breaks the game AI

When EA Sports unveiled the first teaser trailer for Madden NFL 18 many fans hoped that the game would see enhanced offensive and defensive artificial intelligence that would make gameplay more seamless than past installments. As it turns out the AI in the sports title can adjust to match players’ skills react to every play and simulate live football — human errors and all. Unfortunately players have discovered a caveat to the new-and-improved system: one formation breaks it.

The Madden NFL 18 formation in question is the “Gun Monster,” a weakened shotgun arrangement that puts just three offensive lineman (two guards and the center) on the line to shield the quarterback and running back. Offensive tackles on the other hand are lined up with the receivers. Though it’s undoubtedly a strange offense real NFL teams have employed it.

Within the game the defensive artificial intelligence doesn’t recognize the decreased quarterback protection and to compensate spreads out its defensive front seven to cover the trios. And while the computer-controlled defense is totally confused some players are using that toward their advantage using the formation to easily gain consistent yardage.

When playing against an actual human opponent the Gun Monster play is hardly ever effective. Players have no way to call an audible and thus must face a down or call a timeout if the defense ends up aligning correctly. But when facing off with the AI system no adaptation happens. One defensive tackle is tasked with attempting to get through three offensive lineman and stop a running play inside the zone. Suffice to say it’s practically impossible for the AI to succeed at the play granting players an easy gain.

According to Electronic Arts the error will be amended soon. “We are aware of an issue with the Gun Monster formation which is causing problems with in-game AI. The issue has been identified and will be fixed in a forthcoming Title Update,” the company said in a statement.
Before the formation is fixed those wanting to pull in easy rushing yards against their computer opponent can do so with the Browns Bengals Titans and Ravens as all four teams have playbooks that utilize the Gun Monster. Let’s just hope the game’s surprisingly enjoyable Longshot mode won’t be the next thing impacted by a system malfunction.

Madden NFL 18 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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NBA 2K18 for the prediction of the NBA championship

The NBA has started with a spectacular opening night that has left two big games and sad news. In the field of eSports and video games, the king of basketball is NBA 2K18, title that has dared to predict the results of the new season. 

First match and first in the front. The simulation performed by the NBA 2K18 My League mode has not taken into account any serious injuries to the players. The opening match was the one that faced Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers and nobody could predict a misfortune like the one that happened. 

With just a few minutes to start the game, one of Boston’s great signings, Gordon Hayward, literally broke his ankle by falling with all the weight of his body in poor posture. If a miracle does not remedy it, Hayward has said goodbye to the season. The faces of the comrades and rivals revealed it, while the American television tried not to show images of the player injured by its gravity.
While it is true that the Celtics can cover their loss with a new signing, finding a player offering the same guarantees will be complicated. However, NBA 2K18 predictions can still be met. We’ll see if he’s right!

A new season plus the Oklahoma City Thunder will have no luck facing the ring. The Big Three formed by Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George will be a powerful weapon against the rivals, but they will not reach their goal. Although Westbrook will become MVP, his team will be dismantled from the competition in the conference semifinals. 

The final of the NBA West Conference will be played by the Golden State Warriors, one more year, and the Houston Rockets, who thanks to the vision of game Chris Paul will achieve a spectacular balance of 58-24 in the regular league. Ryan Anderson will take the award to the most valued player of the season. However, the Warriors will become the conference winners and will play another year in the NBA Finals.
Against whom? Well according to the simulation created by NBA 2K18 against Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving should be enough to lead the team to the final, since with Hayward’s injury he will have to take the entire responsibility of the former Cavaliers. The Celtics will defeat in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference precisely to the equipment of LeBron James, that this year will not play again the final.

In fact, LeBron, despite getting large numbers, will see how this year Kevin Durant surpasses him as the most valuable player.
As for the Draft lottery, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers will be the teams that get the best positions in the table, followed by Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings. As for the best rookie of the year, Lakers’ Lonzo Ball and Sacramento Kings’ De’Aaron Fox will compete for it, but the victory will be for Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons, who could not play last season .

We will see how many of these predictions are met. At the moment, the bad luck of Boston Celtics may have truncated the magnificent season that presented itself, although the staff continues to have talented players. Warriors part as undisputed favorite, but will there be surprises?

My NBA 2K18 RPis the best basketball simulation game on mobile devices. Developed by 2K Sports and based on the NBA official database, the game wins numerous of fans around the world. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. In-game currency is mynba 2k18 rp, you can use it to buy your favorite players.

NBA 2K18, you can use 3 tips and tricks to quickly and efficiently get VC

Almost everyone in the NBA 2K community is discussing virtual currency to some degree. It has been a hot-button topic since the game was released on September 15.

Many gamers have balked at the notion of spending real money to upgrade their MyPlayer thus many fans are thirsty to find the best ways to earn VC without dipping into their wallets. I’ve found three efficient and dependable ways to earn VC without playing an actual game.

MyLeague Simcast Live Every Day Keeps VC Coming Your Way

MyLeague can be one of the most lucrative modes in the game. Actually playing games can earn you close to 1,000 VC per contest. However this article is about earning quickly and efficiently. Did you know that you still earn VC in MyLeague even when you simulate a game?

That’s right.

Start a MyLeague with any team. Set the quarter length to 12 minutes. The difficulty setting doesn’t matter. Go to the in-mode calendar and simulate a game using Simcast Live. Make sure you turn the sim speed up to 6X.

Whether you participate in the simulation or not you’ll still earn 400 VC for every game. It doesn’t even matter if your team wins or loses.

Gamers who work or are in school can simply start a MyLeague game each morning afternoon or evening before they leave for the day. The simulation doesn’t require you to press any buttons to complete. When you return you’ll have earned your VC. You could repeat the process before you go to bed.

It’s an easy way to ensure you earn at least 800 VC every day. If you’re concerned about your console being on all day all you need to do is set it to go into sleep mode after being idle for 2 hours. The simulation doesn’t take that long to complete.

If you’re home but just can’t get on the sticks at the time you can potentially sim through a number of games earning 400 VC each time. If you complete an entire MyLeague season using this strategy you will earn yourself 24,600 VC.

The MyNBA 2K18 App Will Show You The Fake Money

If you’re complaining about VC and don’t have the FREE MyNBA 2K18 application on your phone you’re like a thirsty man at a water fountain who refuses to push the little button to have a drink.

The application practically gives you VC for simply logging on. There are prediction games based on the real NBA that you can play as well and those carry more VC earning options. It’s possible to earn as much as 1,000 VC per day.
Answering 2KTV Questions Brings Virtual Prosperity

Last year’s game featured 38 episodes of 2KTV. Each of those episodes gives gamers an opportunity to earn VC for answering questions and participating in polls. You can usually earn close to 400 VC from the show and it’s pretty informative overall.

The show runs once a week. If you used all three of these strategies in concert you can realistically earn 13,000 VC per week without playing a single game. That’s not even counting what you can earn from picking up the controller and actually playing any of the VC-earning modes.

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NHL 18′ simulation has Blackhawks out of playoffs, Lightning winning Stanley Cup

If EA Sports’ full-season simulation on “NHL 18″ proves to be anything more than just, you know, a video game simulation, the Tampa Bay Lightning have even more reason to get pumped for 2017-18.

A year after “NHL 17″ correctly predicted the Nashville Predators would win the Western Conference, the newest installment of the game has the Lightning dethroning the Pittsburgh Penguins as Stanley Cup champions. The simulation also projected a Western Conference Finals bout between the Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers, whose superhuman captain, Connor McDavid, graces the cover of the game.
Not everyone made out so well in the “NHL 18″ forecast, though. The Chicago Blackhawks, for instance, were left completely out of the playoff picture a year after they fell victim to the Predators early in the postseason.

The game also predicts Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov will win the Maurice Richard Trophy as the League’s top regular-season goal scorer, as well as the Conn Smythe Trophy for MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron is projected to repeat as Selke Trophy winner for best defensive forward, which would be his fifth time winning the award, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson is predicted to earn his third Norris Trophy and Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price is projected to win the Vezina Trophy for the second time.

NBA 2K18 : Unveil The Neighborhood

It’s getting closer and closer to NBA 2K18’s release, 2K has been teasing major changes to NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode seemingly all summer, and now they finally unveiled The Neighborhood, the first live world within the NBA 2K series. The Neighborhood is the evolution to the MyCareer, MyPark, and Pro-Am experiences. mmocs.com takes you to have a look at the new features and details.

The neighborhood is unlike anything ever seen in NBA 2K or any other sports career mode before. It’s an open world hub area where MyPlayers run around, visit and interact with other myplayers and characters. We can also see foot locker, swag’s and a barber shop. At foot locker you are able to get new shoes but swag’s will allow you to purchase additional outfits and the barber shop will give you access to new haircuts.

we also get a look at a gym which shows your players along with other players, if you want to make your player stronger, you have to actually walk, bike, or skate your way to the gym and workout.

The Road to 99

NBA 2K18 is also introducing “ The Road to 99”, the overarching meta-game that rewards users for improving their MyPlayer’s overall rating, regardless of which modes they choose to play. Featuring a unified badge system across Pro-Am, Park and their NBA journey in MyCareer, their attributes, animations and badges all combine to define their play style on your road to a 99 overall rating.

The Pictures Below Give You More Information About The New Features:

Fans can download the prelude demo on september 8, but the demo will be only available for XBOX1 and PS4. people who pre-ordered NAB 2K18 will get the game on Sep.15, you can continue where you left off in the full version. Please stay tuned for latest news on NBA 2K18. mmocs.com is a professional NBA 2K MT store providing you with large stock of MT Coins. You can still buy NBA 2K17 MT at our store now, and we will launch NBA 2K18 MT Coins as soon as the new game hits stores. We offer you a favorable price and fast delivery for NBA 2K MT Coins. With high praise from our customers who have placed orders for NBA 2K17 Coins, we have confidence that we will receive your substantial orders. If you are interested to buy MT, please feel free to contact our online support any time you like.

Nintendo Switch Advanced Rendering Technology Offers Awesome FIFA 18 Experience

Nintendo Switch games listis set to receive a very big third-party boost this year, providing more variety on the fledgling hybrid console.


FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switchwill launch alongside versions on PS4, Xbox One and PC in September, even if won’t include all the same features. First of all, The Journey mode is not shipping on the handheld device, while the game itself will not be using the same Frostbite engine as the PS4 and Xbox One.But there’s one big difference to Switch FIFA 18 over the last game from the franchise to grace a Nintendo console.That was back on theNintendo Wii U, with the launch of FIFA 13 proving to be the last on the doomed gaming machine. It’s now been confirmed that like FIFA 13, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is set to run at 60fps.

And not only that, but it will also be able to run the game at 1080p docked, and 720p undocked.

“With advanced rendering technology, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch delivers an unparalleled experience,” a message from EA Sports reads.

“The product boasts a full 1080p on TV and 720p on handheld, delivering authentic football atmospheres, no matter where you play.

“Experience brand-new pitch environments, unique physically based rendering for all characters, and new gameplay mechanics.”

While 60fps was available on the Wii U, the console rarely provided native 1080p for its games, even though many would have been built using a custom-built engine.

And there are a few other benefits to FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch that make it one of the best portable versions of the game ever made.

While the popular footy title won’t boast all the same features as PS4 and Xbox One, it does have a few of its own.

Not only can you pick it up and play it on the move, but you can also separate the Joy-Con controllers and enjoy multiplayer game modes with friends.

Other features include Local Seasons, which allows you to match-up with a friend, play a five-match season, and keep track of your overall win/loss record.

It should also be noted that Local Seasons are played across two Nintendo Switch consoles, allowing up to 4 players.

There’s also the fact that this will be the first FIFA game on a Nintendo console that will include FIFA Ultimate Team, another big factor to consider.

FIFA 18 will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 29。

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Gem System Experience & tips On Trove

Over the past month I have been playing with friends, some paying to progress, some paying just for patron and some totally free. I’ve noticed some of the limitations and struggles that don’t really make any sense to me so I wanted to have a discussion on improving the current system. For credibility sake, I am currently in the top 100 ranking for Lunar Lancer and farming in U9.

Gem upgrade limitations

Free to play players are very crippled in the current Gem system. The main reason being the number of gem upgrade attempts they have per day. If a person can earn 500 Cubits a day, they have 1 chance guaranteed with the, Re-Gemerator or they may get lucky from a few boosters from the Gem Booster Box. The Gem Booster Box is normally the way to go but if they get dust then they cannot upgrade for the day. Patron users have a very similar situation but they have 3 chances to find boosters.

Trove Gem System Experience & Suggestions

I also want to note that after 100 mastery, Cubits are no longer rewarded making it an extremely slow grind. For a free to play player with 500 Cubits a day, it could take well over a month to level 1 gem to 20. Putting that into perspective, 1 month per gem would mean a free to play player would need to spend around 9 months upgrading their gems.
I have bought the £35 Gem pack and very comfortable with the boosters that I received. I have had no issue and able to carry on with the grind. However I can say that I would not continue playing if the number of upgrade attempts were limited to around 5 per day.

Comparison to another game

The gem system is very similar to another games rune system, I won’t say the title if there are rules against advertising. They have a very similar system in regards to game progression. Level up runes, move to harder area, get stronger runes and repeat. They have some significant differences, runes do not crack nor do they have boosters. The risk of having a gem breaking creates a significant difference in the progress of any that does no buy gem related items. This in turn pushes new players away.

How can it be improved?

The first obvious solution would be to remove the cracking aspect however I understand that would render the boosters much less desirable, Jade Clovers useless. Another way would be reverting back to having Jade Clovers for 50 Cubits. At least free to play players can have 10 guaranteed chances of attempts, Patron 30 attempts. This is also somewhat limited by the number of Cubits you get for your mastery and as said before. After 100 mastery you no longer receive Cubits as rewards. Another way could be to make it so just Lucky clovers are tradable. The key part that needs to be changed is the number of attempts players can do.

Why change needs to happen?

It can be seen through Steamcharts that Trove is on a steady player decline.

Money spent on the game is probably higher due to the recent expansion however a game with a declining user base is never a good thing. This is to not say to remove the grind, the grind is the bread and butter of Trove however, I feel when they are limited to 1 upgrade on their gem per day and can take over a month to level 1 gem, 9 months to level all their gem, it does not make sense if the process needs to be repeated multiple times.

This discussion is more aimed towards new users who are most likely to be put off by the current system. It does not make sense that players need to spend 9 months to move onto a higher difficulty to repeat the process all over again. That will only cause players to quit.