Overkill 3 Now Available on Windows 8.1

One month after releasing Overkill 3 in Windows Phone, Game Troopers has announced Overkill 3 for Windows PCs and tablets. They have improved even more the quality of the graphics, for delivering more realistic animations, characters and weapons. Overkill 3 for Windows includes an innovative mouse control that allows you to hide and aim by using the mouse wheel. And it supports touchscreen and hybrids too!

Published by Game Troopers, Overkill 3 is the latest game from the developers who brought us ‘Tiny Troopers’ and ‘Make it Rain’. Like those games, this is an Xbox enabled title, something that should excite many gamers.

The game features console-level graphics, a high level of customization for your guns, and a host of different environments for players to tackle. Additionally, Game Troopers notes that the Windows 8.1 version of the game features a new mouse control that lets players hide and aim using the mouse wheel. If you are in lack of Overkill 3 Gems, visit our site z2u.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Interactive cutscenes and cinematic moments provide a refreshing and thrilling gaming experience. With over 20 million downloads for Android and iOS gamers for Overkill 1 and 2, Overkill 3 expands to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 to reach even more gamers with a new experience of a cover-based shooter.

The developers behind Overkill 3, Game Troopers and Craneballs, look to expand further with Overkill 3 by offering elaborate weapon and gear upgrades and more focus on gameplay than ever before. You can choose from classic pistols and shotguns to futuristic energy weapons and more.

Gladiator Heroes comes with several different types of gladiator

Gladiator Heroes is a new RPG game that offers so much more than combat. Genera Games have brought you something completely unique and original by perfectly balancing RPG and construction simulation. If that wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the game is set in possibly, the most iconic city in the world, Rome and it’s up to you to build, manage and defend this glorious city.

You have total freedom of movement around a city that holds over 25 striking buildings. Explore, defend and conquer ancient landmarks such as, Jupiter’s Temple, Catania and Coliseum.The game offers every player ample responsibility over the construction and resistance of the city and ultimately, its success.

Speaking about the gameplay, the gameplay aspect of this game actually is nice overall and does battles fantastically in a normal way as a good game should battle, the fighting aspect is really cool and made the game sound so much interesting while playing it, as every other game would play, this game is just something else and does plays differently from other games and as an action strategy game it is, I’m quite sure it literally has a lot differences on it which is why every bit of the game is just so fun and it’s quite pleasant to anyone playing the game at any moment in time. If you want to Buy Gladiator Heroes Weapons, I think z2u.com is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

Gladiator Heroes comes with several different types of gladiator, and each of these types have unique styles, strengths, and weaknesses. One simple thing, though — while you can unlock a new type as you move forward in the game, there’s no way to determine a specific gladiator type to unlock when using a statue.

Clans brings a new level of competition to Gladiator Heroes’ unique empire building and combat mechanics. Use the impressive skills you honed in the game’s single player modes to help your new clan achieve fame and glory.And if that’s not enough to quench your thirst for new content, Genera Games has hinted that more updates could be coming soon, including special “Clan War” events where players invade rival clans’ arenas.Now’s the perfect time to join in on the fun, whether you’re a newcomer or a returning player. Prepare yourselves for battle on a new, grand scale.

Angry Birds Epic is Rovio’s new Turn-Based RPG Spinoff

Remember the new game that Rovio teased us last week – the one that showed the red bird in a knight’s suit? Well, we now know a little more about what’s behind that teaser. A new game called Angry Birds Epic that will be a turn based RPG starring the birds and the pigs.

The Finish developer Rovio released the first Angry Birds game back in 2009 for the iOS. Since then, the company has released a number of other games based on Angry Birds including Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Star Wars. The series is also one of the most successfully video game franchises developed more mobile devices. The series has also expanded into other platforms such as PCs and consoles.

The popular hit series involving evil pigs, giant slingshots and the eponymous angry birds is now set to take on the world of turn based RPGs. As the name implies, a turn based style RPG involves alternating between making a move and waiting a turn for an opponent to respond with their own move. Angry Birds Epic will also feature a robust crafting system normally seen in many RPG adventure games. Using the crafting system, players will be able to create their own weapons, armor and even potions different effects. By the way, you can buy cheap Angry Birds EPIC RPG Accounts from z2u.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

To take advantage of the crafting system, players will need to gather points that can be earned after every game. Aside from earning points by playing the game, players can also fast-track their crafting by purchasing points via an in-app store. While in-app purchases tend to elicit frowns of disapproval from many gamers, this business model is now a common sight in many recent video games regardless of the platform.

Angry Birds Epic will be free-to-play, but you can expect a lot of in-app purchase options. Rovio has been taking that route lately. Rovio is planning a “soft launch” of Epic in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which means it needs to test out the in-app store before the full launch.

Ubisoft revealed the patch notes for Inner Drive update in The Crew 2

Ubisoft announced that The Crew 2 Inner Drive, the fifth free update brought to Ubisoft’s open world motorsports game, The Crew 2, is now available on PlayStation4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X and Windows PC. The Crew 2 Inner Drive is also available on Stadia, the new generation gaming platform from Google.

The Crew 2 Inner Drive will add 20 new cars to the game which players can earn or purchase at their will. The new cars also include the brand new hypercar Koenigsegg Jesko 2020 and the latest Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in the Street Race category. All of the new vehicles added to the game can be used in the weekly LIVE Summits to race to the top of the leaderboards. In addition, once a month, players will also have the opportunity to take part in a Premium LIVE Summit that will reward the best players with a unique, special edition vehicle.

Apart from the new cars, players will also find brand new vanity categories to customize their vehicles even more. These new options include window tints and changing the color and the shape of a vehicle’s nitro. After modifying their rides, players can also choose from eight new avatars to sit behind the wheel of their brand new cars. Inner Drive adds plenty of new options to choose from in every category. If you want to Buy The Crew 2 Credits, I think z2u.com is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

The Crew 2 Inner Drive has completely reworked avatar character models & animations, and outfits – with 8 brand new avatar characters to pick from. Upon launching the game for the first time after the update, you will be required to select your new avatar before you can continue.When walking around your Home or one of the HQ’s, a third-person camera has been added so you can now see your characters walk and run around the environment.

The update weighs in at 10GB on all systems, and will download automatically. It’s also making various fixes and improvements across the board, meaning that The Crew 2 will be in better shape than ever.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Brings Back A Classic Mode From MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing back one of the franchise’s most chaotic game modes. This week’s playlist update includes Drop Zone mode, which first debuted in 2011’s CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

The team-based mode challenges players to hold objectives to win, with teams earning points by staying inside the designated…drop zone. The first team to reach the goal point total wins the match. The hook with Drop Zone is that killstreaks continually fall from the sky while you’re holding the zone, which leads to some particularly turbulent gameplay.

A blog post by Activision offers a number of tips, tricks, and strategies for succeeding in Drop Zone, which is played across a variety of maps such as Crash, Arklov Peak, and Granza Raid.Drop Zone originated in Modern Warfare 3, and it was subsequently featured in other Infinity Ward-developed titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The mode will come to Modern Warfare at some point this week across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you are in lack of Call of Duty Points, visit our site 5mmo.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

“Drop Zone is a team objective mode where players battle to hold objectives to win,” Activision wrote in a blog post. “Players earn points by being inside the drop zone. The first team to reach the required point total or hold the most points when the time expires is the winner. Killstreaks can only be earned via care packages that continually deploy while the drop zone is held.”

It’s a big week for Call of Duty, as Warzone introduces a new way to play, while Infinity Ward will offer double XP for the weekend. Modern Warfare’s Season 3 is currently underway, and you can check out the new maps in a dedicated playlist right now.

Nookazon offering Animal Crossing players a platform to buy and sell in-game items for bells and materials

Animal Crossing: New Horizon fans have found a new way to trade valuable items to other players through a new site — Nookazon.Trading has always been a vital part of the Animal Crossing gameplay loop, and thanks to fan created Nookzaon, players have never been able to trade with such ease. The site is similar to Amazon, where users can shop for things they’re looking for including furniture, clothes, DIY Recipes, and much more.

The way it works it that you will have to contact the seller on Discord, offer the amount of money they are requesting, then visit their island. The trade will happen at the island and you will be able to return home with some awesome new purchases. This is a super innovative way for players to trade, so if you’re looking to purchase something or sell some of your old stuff, check out Nookazon.

While Nookazon is a play on “Amazon,” the site functions more like eBay. People create an account and can begin looking for items they want or listing items and people they have. The categories available include Animal Crossing: New Horizons clothing, DIY recipes, flowers, fossils, fruits, furniture, materials, songs, tools, and villagers. While the “make an offer” option is available, people can also ask for money or specific people and items. Searching for a specific item brings up multiple listings, so you can find the listing that best meets your need. For example, if someone looks for a recycled-can thumb piano, you might find some people who would only want a single bell and the materials to make it for you or those asking for as much as 2,000 bells. In addition, our site 5mmo.com has a large quantity of safe ACNH Materials For Sale.

Conducting a transaction via Nookazon is fairly simple. If you see a listing you want or have something listed, you turn to Discord. Everyone’s contact information and Switch code are listed on the site. Once you work out an arrangement with the person, you visit in the game to make the trade and get the items. In the case of acquiring a villager, things could get more involved since you would need to have someone in-boxes and actually speak to them to arrange the trade and move them in.

Tongue-in-cheek controversy aside, Nookazon will serve as an indispensable online tool for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, and it’s beyond impressive that an EVE Online-like player-driven economy has sprung up so quickly. However, players should probably still invest in their local Nook’s Cranny, as Nookazon’s utility and impressiveness might not spare it from the wrath of Nintendo’s notoriously leery legal eye.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Are Now Referencing Brewster

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched, fans were quick to note that some long-standing characters and features were conspicuously missing. While Nintendo assured players that the game would updated in the long-term, nobody knows what — or who — will be included in these events. But island villagers may now be giving players a clue.

Recently, some players like Twitter user @sliceofcy have noticed that their villagers mention Brewster, a chill coffee-shop owner who currently isn’t in the game. In the past, Brewster would serve players a drink while dispensing some fun facts.

One Twitter user who responded to @sliceofcy noted that “there’s a line of code for ‘MuseumCafe’ [in the game] but no textures or other data.” All of these intentional in-game teases and the alleged data mine leak suggest that Brewster will come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon and open a coffee shop in Blather’s museum. Birds of a feather flock together, it would seem. If you are in lack of Animal Crossing New Horizons Items, visit our site z2u.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Anyone who’s only recently joined the Animal Crossing bandwagon with New Horizons has probably never heard of Brewster. For the uninitiated, he is a pigeon who runs a coffee shop called The Roost in Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and Pocket Camp. You may even recognize him from the background of the Smashville in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Brewster typically seels coffee once a day to the player for 200 Bells. Coffee usually doesn’t add much of a gameplay bonus, but one’s character will describe its taste after drinking it. The Roost has been used for K.K. Slider’s performances before and is connected to a minigame in New Leaf where players can actually work for the cafe, serving coffee to villagers.

Why N95 masks are so important to keep health care workers safe

Personal protective equipment is what health care workers wear to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19. PPEs includes gowns, gloves, face shields or goggles and masks, the N95 mask in particular. Our Kelly O’Brien spoke to a nurse who explained why these masks are so important to keep health care workers safe and what the shortage means for the staff members who don’t have them.

“They call it a particulate respirator which just means it’s a really thick mask,” said Debra Galatioto of Hudson Headwaters Health Network.The N95 masks fit to the face of the person who’s wearing them.

“Kind of make sure that if it’s fitted correctly that you are breathing through the mask and not around the mask. If you are breathing around the mask, you could pull in germs,” Galatioto explained.The masks are not worn by everyone at the hospital, only those coming in direct contact with COVID-19. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Medical Mouth Masks, you can visit our website z2u.com.

“Let’s say I were to stick a swab in your nose to see if you have COVID. That’s going to make you cough and sputter and that’s going to make your germs go into the air. That’s why it’s so important I have that special mask on my face to protect me from you,” Galatioto said. “It’s filtering out droplets that are so small you can’t see them.”

There is a shortage nationwide from so many people buying the masks, health care workers or not.When it comes to reusing the masks, the CDC allows for limited reuse under certain conditions.

“Clean my hands first, handle them a certain way so that I’m not touching the sides inside or out and put them in a paper bag to remain moisture-free. That’s only if I know nothing has been directly sprayed on that mask,” Galatioto said.Galatioto says the only people who need N95 masks are the ones coming in close contact with COVID-19, otherwise, a normal mask will do the trick to help ease the public’s nerv

Windows 10 Search shows blank box issue has been resolved

Microsoft has responded within 24 hours to a glitch with Windows 10, where users suddenly found that the search bar function was unable to located files held on personal computers.

The glitch was reported by hundreds of Windows users on February 5, 2020 (many of whom took to social media to complain). The issue with Windows 10 was due to part of the operating system’s core features stopping working. This meant that the Windows Search function was suddenly unable to locate files held on a computer.

This meant that when people keyed in a search term, instead of receiving the usual list of files (either in date order, file type or on the basis of relevance), Windows users found that when the desktop search was operated a blank box (gray in color) appeared with no files listed. The search bar is one of the most commonly used Windows features, and it is the general way by which people locate files and apps, as well as emails. The search bar is also useful for locating shared files where there is more than one user of a particular computer. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key, you can visit our website z2u.com.

The Windows 10 operating system has 800 million users worldwide. Microsoft did not say how many users were impacted by the problem.The tool is one of Windows’ most used facilities, and normally makes it easy for users to find files, apps, emails and other content stored on their computer. However, while it was down users were shown only a large grey box.

Some technology analysts have pointed out that the issue developed shortly after the U.S. National Security Agency reported on a ‘significant flaw’ with Windows 10, where hackers could use a portion of the operating system create malicious software.

A brand new patch has hit Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games is continuing to tweak the yesterday’s update that added a new stamina/fatigue system. The new stamina system makes the players feel the pressure of realism input in a milsim title, such as Escape From Tarkov. Eager to fill up the bags with all the goodies players have found, now they need to maintain their overall weight, which may slow their speed by quite a lot.

Escape from Tarkov was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2019, despite being released two years prior.The indie first-person shooter, developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games, became one of the biggest hits on Twitch, transforming from almost nothing into a streaming sensation in a matter of days. A year later, it’s still going strong with regular content, updates, and bug fixes.

The biggest change of the patch is no doubt the new weight system, which now means that players carrying too much will receive certain debuffs. Currently, if you are carrying too much weight you will be louder, slower, and use up stamina faster – heavily punishing anyone carrying way too much loot. If you are in lack of Escape from Tarkov Roubles, visit our site 5mmo.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

There’s also now a Fatigue effect, which appears when player stamina is kept low for extended periods. But wait, there’s more: Stamina is also now split between arms and legs, with different ratings for when players are moving, throwing items, or using melee weapons.Update version 0.12.4 changes so much that players may have to adjust how they approach the game.

Escape from Tarkov is currently available, according to the official tweet, the game will be unavailable for three hours. After the three hours of the server maintenance period, a new patch will be deployed for the PC platforms. Stay tuned, we will be updating you with the latest related news.