Diablo Immortal is blizzard mobile entry in the iconic action RPG franchise

At BlizzCon 2021, we’ve learned more about Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s mobile entry in the iconic action RPG franchise. After a technical alpha that ended in January, we’ve got a clearer view of how the game’s shaping up – and by the developers’ own accounts, Diablo Immortal is a mobile MMO with tone and gameplay in line with the franchise but could have a few tricks all its own.

Diablo Immortal gameplay and story
It may be a mobi gameit, but for the most part it will be the same Diablo you already know and love, albeit with controls designed to get the most out of a phone’s touchscreen rather than a mouse. or a controller.

Developed in cooperation between Blizzard and the Chinese developers of NetEase (the company that cooperates with Overwatch, Diablo 3 and Warcraft in China), the game will take place five years after the events of Diablo 2, and will explore this that happened after the destruction of Worldstone in this game, and the path taken to the dismal world of Diablo 3.

Gameplay works as expected for a mobile game. The left hand is controls movement and the right has a range of cooldown abilities and interaction options. Saviours of Sanctuary hack and slash through hordes and hordes of monsters as you delve into an adventure quite similar to Diablo 3. The mobile game also has Rifts and Challenge Rifts, throwing warriors into dungeons with a lust for blood and filling up a progress metre to unlock a final boss and gain great loot.

Diablo Immortal’s control system is also optimized for gamers who use mobile phones to control the character more easily. The top-down perspective is too familiar for the Diablo game series so far and creates a pleasant experience for the player when controlling his character.

As has been previously revealed, Diablo Immortal will be a free-to-play game with microtransactions, but players won’t be able to buy equipment, which will have to be looted traditionally, e.g. off the bodies of your foes. Instead, in-game purchases will let players buy gems and things related to charms. They’re also planning to have a battle pass system with free and paid tracks.

Diablo Immortal Trailers
Diablo Immortal made an appearance at a gaming convention in China called ChinaJoy, along with a brand new tape- announcement BlizzPlanet ). Over approximately two and a half minutes of footage, the trailer provides a preview of new models, the UI and Diablo 2 villain Baal makes a cameo appearance.

Surprisingly, Diablo Immortal isn’t as bad as we all thought so far. It’s working very for a technical mobile alpha (compared to other full-release games this year…) and actually provides quite a bit of fun.

Right now it’s only available for Australians on Android devices. If you’re one of the lucky few, why not jump into the Free to Play game and give it a shot?

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This WoW Shadowlands guide has some great tips to get you started on your new adventure

With 16 years of rich story, WoW can seem daunting. Luckily, the developers have created Exile’s Reach; a modern, tutorial-like experience that will familiarize you with all that’s needed to know.

Fortunately, Shadowlands will become more accessible for all players at launch, as character levels will be squished from the level cap of 120 to 60, as well as the return of fan-favourite talent trees and abilities offering more flexibility to character builds. These aspects aim to facilitate a much more streamlined leveling experience for new and returning players, while not sacrificing on difficulty and complexity.

You won’t need to worry about most of the new systems, such as WoW Covenants and WoW Shadowlands legendary crafting, until you reach level 60. But with so much change afoot, you may be struggling to know where to start as you journey into the afterlife for the first time. Fear not, champion—this WoW Shadowlands guide has some great tips to get you started on your new adventure.

Character Creation
One of the first things you’ll notice on the character creation screen is the races are split into two groups: Alliance and Horde. These are the two main factions in WoW. They each have their unique approaches to dealing with the rest of the world and each other. Within each faction, there is a lot of variation as well. For example, Tauren, Trolls, and Night Elves tend to be the most connected to nature and Azeroth’s natural spirits. On the other hand, Gnomes and Goblins tend to be more interested in what they can use and create, not worried about any natural balance. The Pandaren are the only ones who can be either faction. Additionally, though you will see players of the opposite factions in the world, you can’t group or communicate with them directly.

Once choosing your alliance, it’s time to choose your race. Make sure to look over each one carefully. Do you want to be a noble Human, or a spiritual and inquisitive Pandaren? Perhaps a Draenei, who fled demonic corruption and now lend a hand where they can on Azeroth.

Each race benefits from differing traits that will grant boons to you in the world. Gnomes can escape from speed altering effects; Trolls have increased experience from killing beasts, and Blood Elves can dispel nearby enemies with their fantastically useful Arcane Torrent active ability. Make sure to take the time to consider each racial trait and how it would improve or hinder your personal journey.

At level 60, focus on finishing endgame quests
Many of the game’s key features don’t unlock until you complete the related quests. This includes collecting Soul Ash from the endless dungeon Torghast, used create legendary items, alongside upgrading your Covenant Sanctum home base. This means for most players, completing all quests you get in your Sanctum, Oribos or from Ven’ari in the Maw take priority when you hit 60, as they’ll unlock content that you want to progress in.

Experience everything
As a new player, something that really is recommended is to read everything that’s given to you. Quest text, skill information, and the like. WoW’s story is rich and deep, and if you’re blasting through everything as quick as you can as a new player, things are bound to get confusing, and you won’t learn anything about the world.

City Tour
Once you complete the Exile’s Reach questline, you’ll be flown to either Orgrimmar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance). Shortly after arriving, an NPC will greet you and offer to give you a tour of the city, although most of the time, he’s following you and just marking places for you to go on the map. You can’t skip this on the first playthrough, and you really shouldn’t try to, as you would miss out on going to get your first mount and going to your trainer to choose your spec.

Re-learn your class
Shadowlands reintroduced a pile of abilities for all classes and specializations, some of which may affect your experience more than others. If you didn’t play much during the pre-patch, these will be relatively new to you. In addition, many classes feel very different to play at the start of an expansion than they do at the end, thanks to the drastically reduced player power as you’re first levelling up.

And that’s it! You’re off. You are well on your way to becoming the next Hero of Azeroth in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. See you out there!

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Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic beta is now officially underway

Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft Classic in August 2019, giving fans of the long-running MMORPG the opportunity to relive its original iteration. That was a success for the developer, as WoW Classic hit one million concurrent Twitch viewers on its first day of release, so it makes sense that its first expansion is also coming back via World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic this year.

Those of the lucky testers will find the client in the invitation and can download it directly from the Battle.net desktop app. However, Blizzard warns against phishing emails. If you are not sure whether your invitation is real, log into your Battle.net account and check whether a Burning Crusade Classic Beta license has been added to the account.

As of late March, Blizzard has yet to say when the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic beta will end. The finished expansion is due later in 2021, which likely means a length of a few months, at most. Duration is likely to vary based on how stable and balanced gameplay is, so the rockier the code, the more time it may take. Blizzard has also promised to respond to community feedback; a strong outcry could force time-consuming design changes.

If you’ve been selected to participate in the beta test, your Battle.net account will already be flagged for access.

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
Run the Battle.net desktop app—it may need to update itself if you haven’t run it recently. If you don’t have the app installed, get started here.
Once Battle.net is installed and updated, select World of Warcraft from the list of games.
In the Game Version drop-down menu above the Play button, choose the Burning Crusade (listed under In Development), then click Install.
Allow installation to complete, click Play and select any of the available Test Servers.
Create a new test character or copy over a character from your live WoW Classic account using the Copy Character button.
Enter the game and test the content.

Each World of Warcraft expansion changed the game in a number of ways, with The Burning Crusade adding content like new playable races, raising the level cap to 70, and introducing flying mounts. Whether or not Wrath of the Lich King Classic will follow suit is currently unknown, but it seems likely given the success of these classic servers thus far.

The Burning Crusade beta currently caps players at level 64, and Blizzard has disabled third-party add-ons and PvP content. Players who want to visit Outland but don’t have a level-58 character will be able to take advantage of a Character Boost service closer to launch. Once it exits testing, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will otherwise be free to everyone with a World of Warcraft subscription.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now out in Asia on both iOS and Android

It took a while but finally, Elder Scrolls: Legends is now out in Asia on both iOS and Android. For those of you who don’t know, Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda’s collectible card game (CCG). Think of it as being in the same field as Legends of Runeterra and Magic the Gathering.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends also features various modes including a single-player Story Mode, Versus Mode, Spectator Mode, Arena Mode and others.Events also take place in the game, the Chaos Arena for example featured Sheogorath changing lanes around and adding new scenario rules and lane conditions. He’s always been a nutter.

Card games launch new chunks of content every few months, but Legends has gone without an expansion because of a change of development studios. In mid-2018, Bethesda announced that DireWolf Digital, who made the game for The Elder Scrolls publisher, would no longer run Legends and that Sparkypants would take over development. SparkyPants released a new client for the card game in the fall, but it hit with a slew of bugs and other problems. The studio has been fixing those since, though it has released a small collection of cards — The FrostSpark collection — and the new monthly reward card.

Now “on hold” (thanks, Eurogamer), Bethesda said it will continue to support the game with monthly reward cards and regular in-game events, as well as ongoing maintenance, but there are currently no additional expansions or new content “under active development”. No reasons were given as to why the team had decided to halt development.

As mentioned before, Elder Scrolls: Legends is a CCG. However, it comes with an interesting twist which sets it apart from other card games that are currently out on the market. It has a unique two-lane mechanic which is the Field Land and the Shadow Lane. Any creatures that are summoned in the Shadow Lane gains “Cover”, which protects them for one turn.

Again, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now available for mobile through the App Store and Google Play, as well as Steam and Android tablets.

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Harald Sigurdsson and King Arthur will come to Blood of Steel

Evolution Studio’s MOBA Blood of Steel is still being prepared for launch in the west. While we wait, the developer has decided to introduce new information on the game on a bi-weekly basis, including the announcement of two of the game’s playable characters, Harald Sigurdsson “The Last Viking King” and King Arthur Pendragon.

Harald Sigurdsson, also known as Harald the Ruthless, was king of Norway from 1046 to 1066. In Blood of Steel, Harald is a military commander and the first general in the game to have a heavy attack. In the sixth era, Harald rules over 160 islands with brute force and claims to be the ruler of the western seas, being hailed as the “last Viking King”. Harald fights with an axe and a shield and has the special abilities Bloodthirsty Instinct, Rage Warfare, and Wind of Recovery. Bloodthirsty Instinct reduces the physical cost of heavy attacks and kills will restore health to all soldiers. Rage Warfare orders all soldiers into a state of rage, substantially increasing their attack, attack speed and movement speed at the cost of suffering continuous bleeding damage. Wind of Recovery lets Harald recover health outside of battle.

Arthus fights with the sword and shield of a king and has the special abilities: “Knight’s Will”, “Master Riding” and “Spare Horse”. When using Knight’s Will, Arthur’s entire army dismounts to fight the enemy on foot, boosting attack and defense for 45 seconds. Master Riding inflicts shock damage to nearby enemies when activated. “Spare Horse” calls 6 war horses into battle.

“In Blood of Steel you command the army of a legendary commander from world history to conquer cities and expand your territory against other online players to ultimately rule the world. Throughout the Middle Ages, players choose from several authentic battlefields while participating in legion battles with 5 versus 5, 7 versus 7, or 10 versus 10 legions, with each player being allowed to lead up to 40 AI soldiers. The skillful use of the area, the management of different types of troops and the adaptation to dynamic weather systems with variables such as rain and snow are the keys to victory. ”

Blood of Steel is an online competitive game. From Joan, Caesar, Alexander…hundreds of historical heroes all over the world. Lead them and your army of thousands soldiers to defeat your enemies on the epic battlefield.

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After several years of development, Diablo Immortal is finally around the corner

Great news for all Diablo series funs. After several years of development, Diablo Immortal is finally around the corner. Closed alpha of Diablo Immortal has started recently and we want to prepare you for the battle. Today we will yell about free to play approach in Diablo Immortal.

Blizzard Entertainment shared the start of the alpha on its official website. The public alpha goes live today (December 18), but is currently only available to a select number of Australian players on Android who pre-registered for Diablo Immortal through the Google Play Store.

“The invites will go out to those players who pre-registered earliest, if their device meets the minimum system requirements,” Blizzard noted. “We’ll also be inviting some select community members to join us so we can get their invaluable feedback.”

So, why the decision to go free-to-play? In a post, Blizzard said that they wanted to focus on gameplay first. They are making sure that the core mechanics should prioritize fun and that “purchases should never circumvent Diablo’s core gameplay.”

When it comes to purchases, it should be worthwhile in deepening player engagement and boosting their enjoyment of the game. Ultimately, Blizzard stated that the purchases “should feel like a bonus” and completely optional to enjoy the game.You may think how to get fast and cheap Diablo Immortal Gold online. z2u.com has professional guys to serve every Diablo players at this thing. You can buy the fast and safe Diablo Immortal Gold from our store.

Diablo Immortal

The studio also said that Diablo Immortal will take place in the space between Diablo II and Diablo III. The studio is still leaning on the title as an MMO, too: “Each zone can host dozens of other players with whom you can join forces to tackle large-scale zone events and special quests that require multiple participants.”

“We plan on supporting Diablo Immortal with a constant cadence of free content, including new gear, features, classes, stories and areas to explore,” it continued. “We also want to make sure every purchase feels fair and is guided by a clear set of values that place an emphasis on the player experience for all players.”

Some fans may not like the decision to have a mobile version but a free-to-play approach is ideal. It’s going to attract more players to try the game. What’s going to be interesting is if the in-app purchases are truly not going to have a big impact on the game.

Fifa 21 TOTY: all you need to know about the team of the year

Each year, EA Sports invites football fans to vote for Team of the Year or TOTY. FIFA 21 is no exception to the rule and in a few hours you will be able to choose the players who will make up Team Of The Year. Find out how and when you can vote for your favorite players below.

Who can vote for the Team of the Year?
At FIFA 20, for the first time, everyone was allowed to vote for the Team of the Year on a website that was newly set up for the event. In previous years, this was reserved for athletes, media representatives and selected members of the FIFA community. This year the fans can vote again.

How to vote for the TOTY FIFA 21
Like last year, the voting process should be fairly straightforward. EA will likely create a temporary web page where you can vote for players.



Alisson – Liverpool
Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid
Ederson – Manchester City
Lukáš Hrádecký – Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Steve Mandanda – Olympique de Marseille
Keylor Navas – Paris Saint-Germain
Manuel Neuer – Bayern München


Francesco Acerbi – Lazio
Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
Jordan Amavi – Olympique Marseille
Angeliño – Leipzig
Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich
Stefan de Vrij – Inter
Matthias Ginter – Borussia M’gladbach
Theo Hernández – Milan
Mats Hummels – Borussia Dortmund
Jesús Navas – Seville
Jordi Alba – Barcelona
Presnel Kimpembe – Paris Saint-Germain
Aymeric Laporte – Manchester City
Marquinhos – Paris Saint-Germain
Andrew Robertson – Liverpool
Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid
Thiago Silva – Chelsea
Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool


Houssem Aouar – Lyon
Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United
Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
Nabil Fekir – Betis
Alejandro Gómez – Atalanta
Robin Gosens – Atalanta
Raphaël Guerreiro – Borussia Dortmund
Jordan Henderson – Liverpool
Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich
Mateo Kovačić – Chelsea
Toni Kroos – Real Madrid
Luis Alberto – Lazio
Merino – Real Sociedad
Parejo – Villarreal
Renato Sanches – Lille
Marcel Sabitzer – Leipzig
Heung-Min Son – Tottenham Hotspur
Lars Stindl – Borussia M’gladbach
Thiago – Liverpool


André Silva – Eintracht Frankfurt
Ben Yedder – AS Monaco
Karim Benzema – Real Madrid
Francesco Caputo – Sassuolo
Cristiano Ronaldo – Piedmont Football
Ángel Di María – Paris Saint-Germain
Paulo Dybala – Piedmont Football
Jack Grealish – Aston Villa
Erling Haaland – Borussia Dortmund
Ciro Immobile – Lazio
Danny Ings – Southampton
Lorenzo Insigne – Naples
João Félix – Atlético de Madrid
Joselu – Deportivo Alavés
Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur
Andrej Kramarić – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München
Romelu Lukaku – Inter
Sadio Mané – Liverpool
Kylian Mbappé – Paris Saint-Germain
Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona
Neymar Jr – Paris Saint-Germain
Mohamed Salah – Liverpool
Raheem Sterling – Manchester City
Luis Suárez – Atlético de Madrid
Jamie Vardy – Leicester City

What are TOTYs?
The TOTY, or the Team of the Year, is an annual selection of the best players of the past calendar year, which is released on FUT in early January. Until 2017, the FIFA TOTY corresponded to FIFA World XI, the team of the best players announced, also in January, by the international football federation. Since 2018, the year in which the FIFA World XI is announced in the summer, EA Sports has adopted a different format that has provided for the vote of some of the well-known faces of the community, such as Youtubers, streamers, former footballers and celebrities. In FIFA 20 the vote was instead extended to all users. The votes were then combined with those expressed directly by Electronic Arts to determine the list of 11 players who will be part of the Team of the Year. At the moment EA Sports has not provided details on how to vote for FIFA 21, only announcing that voting will start on Thursday 7 January.

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