World of Tanks Blitz Prepared Interesting Surprises for Players

Fans of mobile tank battles World of Tanks Blitz can also prepare for a large-scale celebration and become participants in the action “Soviet tanks on the march.” Weekend promises to be given particularly successful for fans of Soviet technology. The action will last from February 22, 8:00 (Moscow time) to February 25, 8:00 (Moscow time) and will be an excellent chance for tankers to expand their arsenal and get to the cherished “dozen”. Players are waiting for discounts up to 50% on the studied equipment of the USSR, tripled experience for the first victory and many, many other bonuses.

The opening menu for World of Tanks Blitz will display your gaming stats and a hamburger menu across the top of the screen. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to WoT Blitz Gold kindly check out the web-site. While in the tutorial, you will see the option to skip the tutorial along with access to the game settings and an option to disconnect from the server (to let someone else log into gameplay). Once you complete the tutorial, the hamburger menu shifts with several more options that include: Guns on the medium tanks are decent you can do good damage to enemy tanks unless you hitting the front armour of the tank. Now when i play as medium tanks i notice that sometimes i do no damage to light tanks front armour so it is best to aim for the back and sides.

WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ doesn’t have a story, per se. Instead, you simply engage in a series of tank battles in large areas that have a good variety of terrain and man-made structures. To the victor go the spoils, which means you can buy better tanks and new equipment for the ones you already own more quickly if you win these battles. But there’s no story driving the action, only the will to win. Players can chat with each other as they play, and the communication isn’t moderated.

WoT Blitz Gold

The settings menu for World of Tank Blitz is rather extensive and covers graphics, controls, tank markers and sound/music levels. The graphics options may be the most customizable settings I have seen on a Windows 10 game. You can take the easy way out and choose the “Compatible” option where everything is set based on your device specs or you can individually set key component’s graphic quality. For example, you can set the tank quality to high and the terrain quality to low. You can even set the quality of the fog.

Movement is something that these type of tanks have, they have lower armour for more movement. I have played many medium tanks and I have noticed that MOST of the tanks have good movement, if you are looking at this guide for the Matilda do not pay any attention to the rest. You can speed up alot as a Medium tank and go just a bit slower than some lights now i would not shoot while driving this is for all tanks, Medium tanks are not made for being a scout leave that for the light tanks. You probably know this but do not play this tank as a tank destroyer.