Thank You Bicentennial Pokemon GO Park Trainers

It’s always great to see the Pokemon community come together to help other trainers, I watched this go down tonight! a trainer lost his wallet at Bicentennial Park this evening, but other trainers help him to find it back. It was beautiful, and it warm my heart.

Here is the thanks letter from that trainer who lost his wallet.

“Hey, just wanted to thank the kind folks who found my wallet (I lost it while running after a Growlithe, and didn’t realize it for like 15 minutes) at Bicentennial Park this evening. You were very cool, and I can’t express my gratitude enough. I’m glad we’ve got a community with such nice people.

The two of you said you sent me a FB request before we found each other, but I haven’t gotten it. If you see this, thanks again, and message me if you want to grab a drink and hunt — you declined a reward, but I feel like a couple rounds and lures on me is the least I can do!”

It was definitely an emotional roller coaster, but I’m so glad it ended well.Thank You Bicentennial Park Trainers!

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