The development focus of Old School RuneScape has been steered by polls

In an announcement from Runescape’s developers, the results of player input polls will now be hidden while the polls are on-going. The idea behind the change is to keep results hidden from players until the polls conclude, thus encouraging participation and discouraging a potential bandwagon. As of today, the changes to the player input polls are officially in effect.

Player input polls are a long-standing tradition in Old School Runescape. Through the periodically-occurring polls, the game’s developers are able to see more clearly into what the community wants, and add content or make changes accordingly. This development model is a big part of what makes Runescape so great, and still enjoyable to so many even after almost two decades of playing. In fact, when Runescape 3 came out in 2013, it was the results of a player poll that decided the creation of Old School Runescape.

According to the developer blog, hiding the poll results is the first in a series of steps to improve the entire polling process. Because Runescape relies so heavily on understanding the needs and wants of its player base, it is essential for the polling process to work as intended – i.e. help developers understand what players want. Prior to the change, poll results were displayed to players in real-time. This opened the polls to a host of unwelcome factors. For example, what if players see that there is overwhelming support for one option but little to no support for the option they actually want? They might think that their vote would be meaningless and choose not to participate in the polls at all. This is exactly the kind of scenario that Runescape devs want to avoid. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Runescape Old School Money For Sale.

Old School Runescape is an iteration of the classic game, presenting it the way it was back when it was first conceived in 2001. Of course, all the content that followed is still included, but the idea was the to keep the game separate from Runescape 3. Runescape 3 is the game’s latest iteration and features enhanced graphics and several quality-of-life improvements compared to the more rustic, hardcore approach of Old School.

The move to hide poll results is part of a wider initiative to improve the polling process overall. The devs admit that there are a number of inherent problems with using poll results as a means to drive development, chief among them being that a small number of active players are actively voting, which leads to a small portion of the playerbase defining content for the vast majority of players.

Crossout kicks off its Raven’s Path event

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the start of the “Raven’s Path” event in the post apocalyptic Crossout online action game. A new nomadic faction called The Ravens has arrived in the game world that temporarily unlocks access to their technologies. The other notable addition is the new KMZ armoured car equipped with a minelayer and two machine guns.

Previously the wastelands roads were the domain of the Knechte faction – the wandering knights of the post apocalyptic world. But another nomadic faction – the Ravens – attacked the Knechte and have taken their place. The horde in their terrifying armoured cars arrived in the Valley and are offering tasks to players in exchange for access to unique weapons, equipment and cosmetic items. The tasks and rewards from the Ravens will be available until May 27th only. After that date the only way to get the vehicle parts from this event will be to purchase them from other players.

On the other hand, the event brings with it the KMZ armored vehicle, which is available as part of the package Crossout – Assault Force: Tango-1. His main weapon places mines that bounce when detonated, which increases the impact area and causes low-flying objects to be affected. In addition, it is seasoned with two powerful machine guns. The vehicle includes all the necessary parts, relevant static items and a Tango-1 character avatar.

Crossout is the post apocalyptic MMO of Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment, has welcomed the event Raven’s Path. Thanks to this activity, players will be able to meet the new nomadic faction – the Ravens – and take advantage of its innovative technological advances. Not enough with that, we can also put ourselves at the controls of the new KMZ armored vehicle, which comes equipped with a miner and two machine guns to spread terror among our enemies. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Crossout Items for players.

Overkill 3 Now Available on Windows 8.1

One month after releasing Overkill 3 in Windows Phone, Game Troopers has announced Overkill 3 for Windows PCs and tablets. They have improved even more the quality of the graphics, for delivering more realistic animations, characters and weapons. Overkill 3 for Windows includes an innovative mouse control that allows you to hide and aim by using the mouse wheel. And it supports touchscreen and hybrids too!

Published by Game Troopers, Overkill 3 is the latest game from the developers who brought us ‘Tiny Troopers’ and ‘Make it Rain’. Like those games, this is an Xbox enabled title, something that should excite many gamers.

The game features console-level graphics, a high level of customization for your guns, and a host of different environments for players to tackle. Additionally, Game Troopers notes that the Windows 8.1 version of the game features a new mouse control that lets players hide and aim using the mouse wheel. If you are in lack of Overkill 3 Gems, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Interactive cutscenes and cinematic moments provide a refreshing and thrilling gaming experience. With over 20 million downloads for Android and iOS gamers for Overkill 1 and 2, Overkill 3 expands to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 to reach even more gamers with a new experience of a cover-based shooter.

The developers behind Overkill 3, Game Troopers and Craneballs, look to expand further with Overkill 3 by offering elaborate weapon and gear upgrades and more focus on gameplay than ever before. You can choose from classic pistols and shotguns to futuristic energy weapons and more.

Gladiator Heroes comes with several different types of gladiator

Gladiator Heroes is a new RPG game that offers so much more than combat. Genera Games have brought you something completely unique and original by perfectly balancing RPG and construction simulation. If that wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the game is set in possibly, the most iconic city in the world, Rome and it’s up to you to build, manage and defend this glorious city.

You have total freedom of movement around a city that holds over 25 striking buildings. Explore, defend and conquer ancient landmarks such as, Jupiter’s Temple, Catania and Coliseum.The game offers every player ample responsibility over the construction and resistance of the city and ultimately, its success.

Speaking about the gameplay, the gameplay aspect of this game actually is nice overall and does battles fantastically in a normal way as a good game should battle, the fighting aspect is really cool and made the game sound so much interesting while playing it, as every other game would play, this game is just something else and does plays differently from other games and as an action strategy game it is, I’m quite sure it literally has a lot differences on it which is why every bit of the game is just so fun and it’s quite pleasant to anyone playing the game at any moment in time. If you want to Buy Gladiator Heroes Weapons, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

Gladiator Heroes comes with several different types of gladiator, and each of these types have unique styles, strengths, and weaknesses. One simple thing, though — while you can unlock a new type as you move forward in the game, there’s no way to determine a specific gladiator type to unlock when using a statue.

Clans brings a new level of competition to Gladiator Heroes’ unique empire building and combat mechanics. Use the impressive skills you honed in the game’s single player modes to help your new clan achieve fame and glory.And if that’s not enough to quench your thirst for new content, Genera Games has hinted that more updates could be coming soon, including special “Clan War” events where players invade rival clans’ arenas.Now’s the perfect time to join in on the fun, whether you’re a newcomer or a returning player. Prepare yourselves for battle on a new, grand scale.