Windows 10 Search shows blank box issue has been resolved

Microsoft has responded within 24 hours to a glitch with Windows 10, where users suddenly found that the search bar function was unable to located files held on personal computers.

The glitch was reported by hundreds of Windows users on February 5, 2020 (many of whom took to social media to complain). The issue with Windows 10 was due to part of the operating system’s core features stopping working. This meant that the Windows Search function was suddenly unable to locate files held on a computer.

This meant that when people keyed in a search term, instead of receiving the usual list of files (either in date order, file type or on the basis of relevance), Windows users found that when the desktop search was operated a blank box (gray in color) appeared with no files listed. The search bar is one of the most commonly used Windows features, and it is the general way by which people locate files and apps, as well as emails. The search bar is also useful for locating shared files where there is more than one user of a particular computer. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key, you can visit our website

The Windows 10 operating system has 800 million users worldwide. Microsoft did not say how many users were impacted by the problem.The tool is one of Windows’ most used facilities, and normally makes it easy for users to find files, apps, emails and other content stored on their computer. However, while it was down users were shown only a large grey box.

Some technology analysts have pointed out that the issue developed shortly after the U.S. National Security Agency reported on a ‘significant flaw’ with Windows 10, where hackers could use a portion of the operating system create malicious software.

A brand new patch has hit Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games is continuing to tweak the yesterday’s update that added a new stamina/fatigue system. The new stamina system makes the players feel the pressure of realism input in a milsim title, such as Escape From Tarkov. Eager to fill up the bags with all the goodies players have found, now they need to maintain their overall weight, which may slow their speed by quite a lot.

Escape from Tarkov was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2019, despite being released two years prior.The indie first-person shooter, developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games, became one of the biggest hits on Twitch, transforming from almost nothing into a streaming sensation in a matter of days. A year later, it’s still going strong with regular content, updates, and bug fixes.

The biggest change of the patch is no doubt the new weight system, which now means that players carrying too much will receive certain debuffs. Currently, if you are carrying too much weight you will be louder, slower, and use up stamina faster – heavily punishing anyone carrying way too much loot. If you are in lack of Escape from Tarkov Roubles, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

There’s also now a Fatigue effect, which appears when player stamina is kept low for extended periods. But wait, there’s more: Stamina is also now split between arms and legs, with different ratings for when players are moving, throwing items, or using melee weapons.Update version 0.12.4 changes so much that players may have to adjust how they approach the game.

Escape from Tarkov is currently available, according to the official tweet, the game will be unavailable for three hours. After the three hours of the server maintenance period, a new patch will be deployed for the PC platforms. Stay tuned, we will be updating you with the latest related news.